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suitesuite /swiːt/ ●○○ noun [countable] 1 roomsDHHDLT a set of rooms, especially expensive ones in a hotel a honeymoon suite a suite of rooms for palace guests2 furniture especially British EnglishDHF a set of matching furniture for a room a pink bathroom suitethree-piece suite (=a large seat and two chairs)3 computers technicalTD a group of related computer programs4 musicAPM a piece of music made up of several short parts the Nutcracker Suite5 politicsPGGROUP OF THINGS formal the people who work for or help an important person SYN retinue
Examples from the Corpus
suiteRaymond's staying in a suite on the fifth floor.Watersports Shopping village All rooms and suites have mini-bar and 24 hour room service.Yet the committee voted four-to-two in favour of smoking in the directors' suites - though they reckoned the air-conditioning would need fixing.All the bedrooms are en suite or with private facilities; one has a four-poster and another a half-tester bed.The eight bedrooms are very comfortable, many have en suite facilities.And there are penthouse suites aplenty.a new dining room suiteInside the vast suite, the lights are turned artfully low.suite of roomsIt was usually a suite of rooms with a garden, rather like a ground-floor flat.In its final form, it contained some half dozen suites of rooms in two wings opposing each other across a central court.Just across the road from his office was a building with empty suites of rooms.After Elinor had signed her voluntary consent form, she and Adam were taken to her suite of rooms.Her suite of rooms was cool and restful and there was a small balcony beyond the bedroom window.Hopkins was so close to the president that he had his own suite of rooms at the White House.It was seldom frequented since only the Empress's suite of rooms lay here in the south-west tower.three-piece suiteWhat is the selling price? 4 A three-piece suite costs £350.A large pine wardrobe made £300; an old Victorian sideboard, £340 and a three-piece suite, £325.More news of the magician who turned his wife and two children into a three-piece suite.A new furniture shop with a three-piece suite in uncut moquette in the window next to a cocktail cabinet shiny as toffee.A three-piece suite and coffee table occupied the front half, a fitted kitchen and dinette the rear.The room was filled with tables, knick-knacks, chairs, and a large horsehair three-piece suite.Stephen said hallo to Dadda before going upstairs to start work on the three-piece suite they had brought in on Friday.The fireplace held a gas fire; the walls were a figured cream paper: the three-piece suite of maroon uncut moquette.
From King Business Dictionarysuitesuite /swiːt/ noun [countable]1a set of rooms, especially expensive ones in a hotel or an office buildinga hotel suiteThe firm has a suite of offices on the second floor.2computing a group of related computer programs that work togetherThe system itself will comprise a suite of computer programs.Origin suite (1600-1700) French Old French siute; SUIT1