Word family noun suggestion suggestiveness adjective suggestive suggestible verb suggest adverb suggestively
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuggestsug‧gest /səˈdʒest $ səɡˈdʒest/ ●●● S1 W1 verb [transitive] 1 SUGGESTto tell someone your ideas about what they should do, where they should go etcpropose The zoo asked its visitors to suggest a name for the new baby panda.suggest (that) Her mother suggested that she should go and see the doctor. I suggest you call him first. It has been suggested that the manager will resign if any more players are sold.suggest something to somebody Johnson suggested to Boswell that they should buy the island. suggest doing something Tracey suggested meeting for a drink after work.suggest how/where/what etc Can you suggest what kind of tool I should use?can/may I suggest (=used to politely suggest a different idea) May I suggest that you think carefully before rushing into this?see thesaurus at advise2 MEANINGto make someone think that a particular thing is true SYN indicate Trends in spending and investment suggest a gradual economic recovery.suggest (that) Opinion polls suggest that only 10% of the population trust the government.evidence/results/data/studies etc suggest(s) that The evidence suggests that single fathers are more likely to work than single mothers.3 SUGGESTto tell someone about someone or something that is suitable for a particular job or activity SYN recommendsuggest somebody/something for something John Roberts has been suggested for the post of manager.4 to state something in an indirect way SYN imply Are you suggesting my husband’s been drinking?5 SHOW/BE A SIGN OFto remind someone of something or help them to imagine it The stage was bare, with only the lighting to suggest a prison. 6 something suggests itself7 I’m not suggestingGRAMMAR: Patterns with suggestYou suggest something to someone: He suggested a solution to us. Don’t say: He suggested us a solution.You suggest doing something: I suggested going for a walk in the park. Don’t say: I suggested to go for a walk in the park.In everyday English, you suggest that someone does something: I suggest that she waits a few weeks. Don’t say: I suggest her to wait a few weeks.In more formal English, you suggest that someone do something, using the base form of the verb (=the infinitive without ‘to’): I suggest that she wait a few weeks.You can also use the base form of the verb when talking about the past: I suggested that she wait a few weeks.You suggest that someone should do something: The doctor suggested that she should sit down.In more formal English, you can say it has been suggested that something is true: It has been suggested that the substance can cause cancer. THESAURUSsuggest to tell someone your ideas about what they should do'Why don’t you come with us?', Alan suggested.It was a sunny afternoon and so I suggested going to the beach.recommend to suggest that someone goes somewhere, tries something etc because you know that it is good and you think they will like itCan you recommend a good restaurant near here?It’s a brilliant book - I’d recommend it to anyone.propose formal to formally suggest a plan or course of action, especially at a meetingThe government has proposed building a new town just north of the city.I propose that we send a delegation to London to discuss our concerns.put forward to suggest an idea, plan, reason etcThe party has put forward new proposals to reduce the number of cars in the town centre.The idea was first put forward by Aristotle.A number of reasons have been put forward to explain these negative results.nominate to officially suggest someone for an important job or position, or a person, film etc for a prize, especially when people will vote to make a decisionHe’s been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature several times.Three candidates have been nominated for the position of chairman. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
suggest''Why don't you come with us?" Alan suggested.I'm not sure which is the best wine to order. What would you suggest?In fact, the situation is far worse than these figures suggest."Why not ask Dad?" he suggested.A $ 10 donation is suggested.It was a sunny afternoon, and Jim suggested a trip to the beach.He suggested abortion two or three times and made it very clear that he thought I was making a mistake.It was raining heavily, and she suggested calling a taxi.Readers may recall that President Ronald Reagan once suggested himself that trees were polluters.Robert suggested his son for the vacant directorship.The date of this odd but interesting ballet might suggest intimations of flower power.All members are invited to suggest names.It is still not clear what these facts suggest -- perhaps a new strain of the virus, or a completely new virus.His letter seemed to suggest that he wasn't satisfied with my work.My Dad suggested that I should apply for the job.Sarah suggested that I should apply for this job.This suggests that Mr Lion had been deliberately singled out as a scapegoat and given no time to defend himself.All the evidence suggests that the problem has improved in recent years.The door had not been forced open, which strongly suggests that the victim was known to her killer.Current data suggests that there could be life on Mars.It may be suggested that there is an element of rejection in being referred.These changes in mortality, especially among the old elderly, suggest that we have not reached the maximum human lifespan.He spread his hands to suggest the size of the fish.On most patients, the repetition by themselves of one word will cause the associated words to suggest themselves.A child's behavior might suggest to others that there are problems at home.I suggest we take a break and finish this later.Can you suggest where we might be able to get a decent meal?I'm not suggesting you deliberately tried to mislead us, just that you made a mistake.suggest (that)Spelling correction algorithms usually suggest a few alternative words which are in some sense similar to the detected misspelled word.Would this be an opportune time to suggest a move to help reduce the fragmentation of the industry?Others have suggested a similar interaction.They needed 400 gains to suggest a substantial recovery from their general election debacle.Such suffering, it is suggested, can be understood as highly appropriate.Evolutionary reconstructions suggest that all the citrus fruits were derived from crosses between four different species.He suggested that if the errant investor was not happy, he should take his money elsewhere.The article suggested that Rivas may resign.He suggested that the main cause of social differentiation was the increase in population density.Mark's sister just suggested that we go to Mexico this summer.evidence/results/data/studies etc suggest(s) thatRecent evidence suggests that buy-backs merely create banking commissions and do not stimulate growth.These data suggest that not all pseudoaneurysms will lead to gastrointestinal haemorrhage.The results suggest that polymeric diets are as safe and effective as steroids in inducing short term remission.But no evidence suggests that she courted danger for her children as she encouraged their freedom.These data suggest that the reforms may not be responsible for the improved performance observed.However, accumulating clinical evidence suggests that the single worst action a victim can take is to submit to an abusive partner.More recent evidence suggests that there is cotransport of sodium, potassium, and two chloride ions together at this site.
Origin suggest (1500-1600) Latin past participle of suggerere to put under, provide, suggest, from sub- (SUB-) + gerere to carry