Word family noun sufferer suffering sufferance adjective insufferable verb suffer adverb insufferably
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
Related topics: Illness & disability
sufferersuf‧fer‧er /ˈsʌfə $ -ər/ noun [countable] MIILLsomeone who suffers, especially from a particular illnessvictimsufferer from sufferers from headachesAIDS/cancer/asthma/arthritis etc sufferers a support group for cancer sufferers
Examples from the Corpus
suffererAccording to the World Bank, there are up to 700,000 sufferers.Previously, families could lose out on compensation of up to £30,000 if a sufferer died before the case was settled.It also follows that any sufferer primarily addicted to one of these other drugs will tend to be cross-addicted to alcohol.Table 6.1 makes no distinction between different types of dementia sufferer.The health centre runs a support group for Parkinson's disease sufferers.Meanwhile, I have just one tip for fellow sufferers.Summer can be a nightmare for hay fever sufferers.Studies indicate that the treatment has helped headache sufferers.The paper could prove enormously important to the future of the 200 million malaria sufferers around the world.There are, of course, male sufferers of hysteria, she points out.Many sufferers from depression struggle on for years before seeking help.Lupus is a disease of the immune system and nine out of ten sufferers are women.It may - or may not - be appropriate to recommend the sufferer to refer these issues for group assessment.AIDS/cancer/asthma/arthritis etc sufferersOf course, large hurdles remain before asthma sufferers can breathe easier.Clergy who revile homosexuality from the pulpit often turn around and take up collections and provide care for AIDS sufferers.Good for arthritis sufferers and they say it even stops snoring.If successful it will mean gentler treatments for cancer sufferers as many drugs currently in use have toxic side effects.She even invites AIDS sufferers to come and talk to them.She knew why so many AIDS sufferers hid, how they faced losing jobs, insurance, homes.The idea was to talk to survivors of life's hardships, from concentration camp victims to cancer sufferers.