Word family noun substance substantiation substantive adjective substantialinsubstantial substantive verb substantiate adverb substantially
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsubstancesub‧stance /ˈsʌbstəns/ ●●● W3 noun 1 material [countable]SUBSTANCE a particular type of solid, liquid, or gas The leaves were covered with a strange sticky substance.dangerous/toxic/hazardous/poisonous etc substance harmful substances in the atmosphere Plutonium 238 is one of the most toxic substances known to man.illegal/banned/prohibited/controlled substance (=used especially about illegal drugs) Police found an illegal substance in his car.2 truth [uncountable usually in questions and negatives] formalTRUE if something has substance, it is true There is no substance to the rumours (=they are untrue).without substance (=untrue) O'Connell’s remarks are completely without substance.3 ideas [singular, uncountable]MEANING the most important ideas contained in an argument or piece of writing SYN essence The substance of his argument was that people on welfare should substance What she said, in substance, was that the mayor should resign.4 importance [uncountable] formalIMPORTANT importance SYN significance It was an entertaining speech, but it lacked substance (=there was no important information in it).matters/issues of substance We should be discussing matters of substance.5 man/woman of substanceCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesa dangerous/hazardous/harmful substanceUsing chemicals or other hazardous substances at work can put people's health at risk.a poisonous substance (also a noxious substance formal) (=harmful to people)Cigarette smoke contains several poisonous substances.a toxic substance (=harmful to people and the environment)All toxic substances should be labelled and carefully stored in a safe place.a radioactive substance (=containing a form of energy that can harm people)People who work with radioactive substances are subject to strict illegal/banned/prohibited substance (=used mainly to refer to illegal drugs)Any player found guilty of using banned substances faces the prospect of a lengthy suspension.a controlled substance law (=an illegal drug)He was charged with possessing a controlled organic substance (=from a living thing)Despite being an organic substance, ivory is remarkably durable.
Examples from the Corpus
substanceThe green colour of the leaf is due to a substance called chlorophyll.The transportation of flammable substances is tightly regulated.Although Mr McKinnell's style is more approachable than his predecessor's, close observers reckon his substance is just as strong.She was arrested for smoking marijuana, an illegal substance.It was an entertaining speech, but without much substance.But after seven months the teams were adrift, and had accomplished little of substance.Poisonous substances, such as garden chemicals, should be clearly labelled.The half-life of a radioactive substance is the time interval taken for the radiant species present to lose half its radioactivity.the problem of disposing of radioactive substancesSome substances have the ability to soak up, or adsorb, other chemicals.Resin is a dark, sticky substance.Energy, after all, depends upon the speed with which that substance is travelling.They took it in turns to breathe in the smoke, as the substance sizzled with a malicious delight.Brown did not contest the substance of the reports.When the water drops, the substances drift back along the passageways and soak into the water table.They're asking people to look out for the substances which were in a large grey plastic box.The substance of Marx's views is the same in both of these books.toxic substancesdangerous/toxic/hazardous/poisonous etc substanceProtect your hands with rubber gloves because it can be a dangerous substance in such a concentrated form.Others might think it takes a controlled dangerous substance or shock therapy.This membrane defect makes it much easier for toxic substances made by the immune system to enter red cells and kill parasites.Botulism toxin from bacteria prevents the release of acetylcholine and is the most poisonous substance known.Dangers to the general public can also arise at fairgrounds, demolition sites or from the carrying of dangerous substances by road.Occupational health laws regulate toxic substances in the work environment.Afterwards, the city discovered the hazardous substances in the groundwater that threatened the nearby public drinking water supply.The toxic substances department must approve it and hammer out a legal agreement with the group before moving forward.lacked substanceIt lacked substance - almost as much as had my fantasies that Edward was deliberately keeping us apart.
Origin substance (1200-1300) Old French Latin substantia, from substare to stand under