Word family noun divide division subdivision adjective dividedundivided divisibleindivisible divisive verb divide subdivide
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsubdividesub‧di‧vide /ˌsʌbdəˈvaɪd/ verb [transitive] SEPARATEto divide into smaller parts something that is already divided Over time, developers subdivided the land.subdivide something into something The house was subdivided into apartments.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
subdivideThe madness here is that it does not matter what we organize, what we number, what we subdivide.The most southerly of the three enclosures had also been subdivided, although little of its eastern half lay within the trench.A simple spinner using a pentatonic scale might be subdivided into five symmetrically weighted sectors.Rocks can be subdivided into types on the basis of texture.These categories are then subdivided or classified, so as to create more manageable groups that can later be analyzed.A simple solution is to subdivide the 900-pixel matrix into nine 10-by-10 matrices.Helper furnishes a list of floods and another of wrecked ships, subdividing the latter into steamers and sailing vessels.County councils, moreover, frequently subdivided their territory for administrative purposes.William Heath Davis, who subdivided this portion of San Diego in 1850, reserved the block for a federal courthouse.