From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstylestyle1 /staɪl/ ●●● S2 W1 AWL noun 1 way of doing something [countable, uncountable]WAY/MANNER a particular way of doing, designing, or producing something, especially one that is typical of a particular place, period of time, or group of people an attempt to use Japanese management style in a European businessstyle of different styles of handwritingBaroque-/Swedish-/country- etc style Cuban-style black beans and rice a Colonial-style house The dinner will be served buffet-style.2 somebody’s way of behaving [countable] the particular way that someone behaves, works, or deals with other people Children have different styles of learning: some learn by seeing, some by hearing, some by more somebody’s style (=used to say that you prefer something) I don’t think the parachuting weekend is for me – the art class is more my style. I like your style (=approve of the way you do things), Simpson. I can’t ask a man out – it’s not my style (=it is not the way I usually behave).3 art/literature/music [countable, uncountable] a typical way of writing, painting etc that is used by a particular person or during a particular period of time The paintings are in an expressionistic style. Hemingway’s direct stylein the style of somebody/something a play in the style of classical Greek tragedy4 fashion/design a) [countable] a particular design or fashion for something such as clothes, hair, furniture etc SYN fashion Car styles have changed radically in the past 20 years.traditional/modern style The rooms are furnished in a modern style. b) [uncountable] the quality of being fashionable young women interested in style rather than comfortin/out of style Long skirts are back in style.5 attractive quality [uncountable]STYLE/ELEGANCE a confident and attractive quality that makes people admire you, and that is shown in your appearance, or the way you do thingsstylish You may not like her, but she certainly has style. The team played with style. stylish6 correct writing [uncountable] a way of using words or spelling that is considered correct It’s not good style to use abbreviations in an essay.7 in style cramp somebody’s style at cramp2, lifestyle
Examples from the Corpus
styleThe women were wearing '50s style housedresses.The new library is a blend of various architectural authoritarian style of leadershipThe bureaucratic style can be very efficient in a stable environment and when the organisation is of a large size.It was built in Colonial style to match the old part of the city.Hundreds of novelists have tried to copy Hemingway's direct style.I tried to write them in an easygoing style, which was my hallmark.There Angela sat smoking but not in her usual sensual and elegant style.Several of her early paintings were done in an expressionistic style.Her friendly style of management works well with small groups of people.The Thompsons always entertain in style.Whitaker went out in style, beating Pernell comfortably.Cameron found my style aggressive, although I thought I was just being direct and honest.a completely new style of paintingIt has evolved over the years from a nouveau style to a more weighty red wine with distinctive black raspberry fruit.You will come up with your own favoured tactics based on your own preferred style of play.Pollock's style is instantly recognizable.What she lacked in looks she made up for with her sensational style.At this publisher, it isn't style to spell "worshipping" with one "p."It does not really have the style and elegance of other luxury hotels.He met this challenge by manufacturing a sense of drama through his theatrical style of rule and through his ambitious policies.The fashionable and becoming gown and girdle were her only concessions to style and conformity.The cool narrative economy and unforced style recall early Fassbinder.If you want a cellphone with style, this is the one for ofHammill's favorite style of cooking? Mexican.They have over two hundred styles of wallpaper to choose from.Our style of play is difficult for them to cope with.Neville has a unique style of more somebody’s styleCollegeeducated and schooled in black culture, Williams' s more urbane style was characteristic of many of the early black deejays.Our current top 10 bestsellers include seven self-help books, so Airlift is more our style.It was more than a style, more than a look.Bloomsbury and St Ives were more their style.Leggings and sweatshirts were more her the style of somebody/somethingAnd giant superstores, fastened to the bypass, and built in the style of the farmer's bothy.Thurlow concentrates on vividly detailed description of his races, mostly in the style of the time.He had indeed redone my office in the style of the 18705.When Keating painted in the style of Palmer, he was picked up by the Fraud Squad.The campy dramatics are presented in the style of a live television broadcast.What assertions about the nature of reality reside in the style of the traditional novel?The collector will know that it is faked up in the style of an earlier period.The place was fitted out in dark, polished wood in the style of the twenties.traditional/modern styleModern style After studying the above ballets it may well be asked what is modern style?The bedrooms are furnished in a traditional style and have double glazing.Classic and modern styles, glowing with lights, colour, and gilding.A.R. What do you feel about working in the more modern style of play after your classical work with Stratford?Valldemosa A small traditional style village which was the source of inspiration for some of Chopin's most romantic compositions.The pension is recently built, but is finished off in the traditional style.has styleSue may be hard to work with, but she definitely has style.You'd have to say Greg Norman has style.She may be wicked, but she has style.
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stylestyle2 AWL verb [transitive] 1 AVDto design clothing, furniture, or the shape of someone’s hair in a particular way These shoes have been styled for maximum comfort. She has her hair styled by Giorgio.2 style yourself something3 style it out self-styled
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Examples from the Corpus
styleThe car was styled and engineered by Ford and Mazda.It was definitely easier to style and I would use it again without a doubt.Nygaard styles herself as a bruiser, reluctant to leave the interior.I only let Betty style my hair.However researchers might style themselves-methodological individualists or collectivists-all social scientific research adopts a methodology that is implicitly individualistic.
From King Business Dictionarystylestyle /staɪl/ noun [countable]1a way of doing something, designing something, or producing something, especially one that is typical of a particular time, place, or group of peoplestyle ofthe Japanese style of stock investment1980s-style excessive spendingAmerican-style shopping malls house style2the particular way that someone does something or deals with other peoplestyle ofan authoritarian style of leadershipHis tough management style has upset some executives.3a product with a particular design, shape, and appearanceEach diaper comes in ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ styles.This is one of our new styles, a $135 dress shoe with a rubber sole.4LAW the official name or title of a companyThe company traded under the style of Macron Ltd.Origin style1 (1200-1300) Latin stilus pointed stick, stylus, style of writing