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sturgeonstur‧geon /ˈstɜːdʒən $ ˈstɜːr-/ noun [countable, uncountable] HBFa large fish, from which caviar is obtained, or the meat of this fish
Examples from the Corpus
sturgeonAfter a long fight, the mystery monster turned out to be a 57-inch sturgeon that weighed 46 pounds.Caviar is sturgeon roe prepared by a special process.Sometimes they catch a bit of sturgeon.As recently as 20 years ago the Soviet Union was netting more than 10,000 tonnes of sturgeon a year.Fishing is a big political issue because the sturgeon population is diminishing.Species included in the new list include the Sussex Emerald Moth, the sturgeon, floating water plantain and marsh saxifrage.
Origin sturgeon (1200-1300) Old French estourjon