From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstudiostu‧di‧o /ˈstjuːdiəʊ $ ˈstuːdioʊ/ ●●● S3 W2 noun (plural studios) [countable] 1 AMTTCRa room where television and radio programmes are made and broadcast or where music is recorded a TV studio a recording studio in Nashville2 (also studios [plural])AMF a film company or the buildings it owns and uses to make its films Depardieu is making a film with one of the big Hollywood studios.3 a room where a painter or photographer regularly works a photographer’s studio4 APDa room where dancing lessons are given or that dancers use to practise in5 (also studio apartment American English, studio flat British English)TBB a small apartment with one main room a tiny studio
Examples from the Corpus
studioPeople at a studio might call me, or tell the act to get in touch with me direct.It also served as a useful stop gap exercise whilst the band started work on a new studio album.a recording studioDublin's brand of rock music merges at times with traditional music, and the studios are used for both styles.Kelly also took the musical film out of the studio and on to the street.Universal Studiosrecording studioThe band performed raggedly because they were nervous to be in a recording studio.Locked out of the limelight, the trio hunkered down in a recording studio.He began in the music business running a recording studio and in band management.From these it is clear that the star created mayhem in any recording studio.Taylor, 47, was taken ill last week while working on his third album in a Florida recording studio.Until the record's recent completion, the room served as a home recording studio for Neneh, Cameron and Dollar.Still others mimic professional recording studios by letting users finely control many aspects of the musical sounds.While Sinitta was on tour, she loaned the recording studio in the basement of her home to another songwriter.
Origin studio (1800-1900) Italian Latin studium; STUDY1