Word family noun student study studiousness adjective studious studied verb study adverb studiously
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstudentstu‧dent /ˈstjuːdənt $ ˈstuː-/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable] 1 STUDYsomeone who is studying at a university, school etcpupilstudent at a first-year student at the University of Oslolaw/science/medical etc student There are plenty of job opportunities for engineering students. student teacher/nurse etc (=someone who is studying to be a teacher, nurse etc)A/B/C student (=a student who always gets A's, B's etc for their work) mature student2 be a student of somethingCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + studenta law/medical/chemistry etc studentApproximately 40% of law students are women.a university/college/school studentHow many college students are politically active?a high school/elementary school student American EnglishHer son is a high school student.a first-year/second-year etc student (=in their first year, second year etc at college or university)First-year students have an exam at the end of A/B/C student American English (=one who usually gets an A, B, or C for their work)He was an A student all the way through high undergraduate student (=one who is studying for a first degree)Most undergraduate students rely on student loans for finance.a postgraduate student British English, a graduate student American English (=one who has already done a first degree)There is a separate university prospectus for postgraduate students.a research student (=doing research in a university)When I returned to Cambridge, I continued this work with two of my research students.a mature student especially British English (=a student who is over 25 years old)He took a degree as a mature student at Birmingham University.a foreign/overseas studentThe University welcomes applications from overseas students.student + NOUNa student loan/grant (=money that is lent or given to a student)Some of them are still paying off student loans.student life (=the way of life of university and college students)Parties are an important part of student life.a student teacher/doctor/nurse (=someone who is learning to be a teacher, doctor, or nurse)Student teachers work alongside qualified teachers to gain classroom experience.THESAURUSstudent someone who is studying at a university or school. In British English, student is not usually used to refer to a child at primary schoola student at Moscow UniversityHow many students are there in your class?The university has a lot of overseas students.Most schools have special classes for students with learning difficulties.pupil especially British English someone who is being taught in a particular school or by a particular teacherThe school has 300 pupils.He received a letter from one of his former pupils.schoolchild a child who goes to schoolThe play was performed by a group of local schoolchildren.schoolboy/schoolgirl especially British English a boy or girl who goes to school – used especially when talking about how they behave, or that time in someone’s lifeThey were behaving like naughty schoolgirls.When he was a schoolboy, no one had heard of computers.He blushed at her like a schoolboy.learner someone who is learning a foreign languageLearners often have problems with pronunciation.a book for foreign learners of English
Examples from the Corpus
studentThere are only 15 students in each class.Student leaders had organized a sit-in to protest against the war.She's a student at Cornell University.Studies had shown that the more assessment tests a student failed, the likelier that student was to drop out.Wiggins was a student of theology for many years before leaving the seminary.What was the social life like when you were a student nurse?We would welcome suggestions from both teachers and students.Seventy percent of the university's business students have job offers by graduation.extra help for disabled studentsHe was accused of attacking a fellow student.Others are fortunate to find supportive faculty, administrators, and fellow students.Law students always have a lot of work to do.Relying on math formulas or drills in class, the study suggests, bores many students and undermines their performance.We have a large number of mature students here, some with small children.a farewell party for the overseas studentsThe study found that drug use among high school students is rising.To get a better grade the student must take it from one of the students above by out-performing him or her.The device ensures that the students have the correct information and avoids copious note-taking.At the first meeting with the students we discussed with them the arguments for this way of working and secured their agreement.Mira hadn't seen Brad since their student days at the University of Wisconsin.How can all that knowledge be condensed into a fifty-minute lecture to students who know almost nothing about it?
Origin student (1400-1500) Latin present participle of studere; STUDY1