Word family noun strength adjective strong verb strengthen adverb strongly
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strongstrong /strɒŋ $ strɒːŋ/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective (comparative stronger, superlative strongest) 1 able to lift heavy things/do hard workSTRONG PERSON having a lot of physical power so that you can lift heavy things, do hard physical work etc He was a big strong man. Jack was tall and strong.strong hands/arms/muscles etc He picked her up in his big strong arms. I’m not strong enough to fight him. see Thesaurus box on 0000002 not easily broken or damagedSTRONG OBJECT not easily broken or damaged good strong shoes The locks on the doors were solid and strong.3 able to deal with difficultyDETERMINED determined and able to deal with a difficult or upsetting situation I’m not strong enough to take insults and hatred. Laura had a strong character.4 powerfulPOWER having a lot of power or influence The Fifth French Republic was established with a strong president in 1958. a strong national army Our party is the strongest as we come up to the election.see thesaurus at powerful5 feelings/opinionsSTRONG FEELING OR BELIEF strong emotions, opinions, beliefs etc are ones that you feel or believe a lot and are very serious about He had a strong sense of responsibility to his vocation of preaching. There has been strong support for the strike. The proposal has met with strong opposition from local people.strong feelings/views/opinions Many people have strong feelings about the issue.6 affect/influenceSTRONG FEELING OR BELIEF a strong desire, influence etc affects you very much He had a strong desire for power. Such feelings may have a strong influence over your decisions. The temptation is very strong. 7 relationshipFAITHFUL a strong relationship, friendship etc is very loyal and likely to last a long time He maintained strong links with the world of the deaf. She still has a strong relationship with her mother. I have a strong commitment to the quality of teaching.8 argument/reason etcPERSUADE likely to persuade other people that something is true or the correct thing to do There is a strong case for an energy conservation programme. They need strong evidence to secure a conviction. a strong argument9 likelyPROBABLY likely to succeed or happen She’s a strong candidate for the party leadership.strong possibility/chance/probability A year ago, there was a strong possibility that he wouldn’t live.10 healthyHEALTHY healthy, especially after you have been ill I don’t think her heart is very strong. You’ve been blessed with a strong constitution (=you are healthy and do not easily become ill).11 be in a strong position12 strong wind/current/tide13 good at somethingGOOD AT very good at something His writing was strong on description. We beat a team that was much stronger than somebody’s strong point/suit (=the thing that someone is especially good at) Tact never was my strong point. 14 taste/smellSTRONG TASTE OR SMELL having a taste or smell that you notice easily strong coffee This cheese has a very strong flavour. a strong smell of petrol15 alcohol/drugs etc having a lot of a substance, such as alcohol, that gives something its effect extra strong beer strong painkillers I haven’t touched strong drink (=alcoholic drinks) for years.16 light/colourBRIGHT bright and easy to see The light was not very strong.see thesaurus at bright17 strong language18 strong accent19 strong nose/chin/features20 moneyPEC a strong currency (=the type of money used in a country) does not easily lose its value compared with other currencies21 600/10,000 etc strong22 be going strong come on strong at come onCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 5 & 6nounsstrong views/opinions/ideasShe has strong views on education.a strong feelingI have a lot of strong feelings on the issue.a strong beliefWe have a strong belief that everyone has the right to worship freely.a strong sense of somethingThere is a strong sense of community here.strong supportThe idea won strong support in rural areas.strong oppositionThere had been strong opposition to the scheme from the national park authority.a strong interest in somethingAt 16, he developed a strong interest in archaeology.a strong commitment to somethingSince its establishment in 1945 the College has had a strong commitment to research.a strong desire for something/to do somethingPeople have a strong desire for personal independence.a strong influenceThe experience of living there had a strong influence on me.a strong impressionShe made a strong impression on me.a strong temptationThere’s always a strong temptation to put off doing difficult tasks. THESAURUShaving a strong bodystrong having a lot of physical strengthIt took four strong men to lift the piano.You open it – you’re stronger than I am.powerful very strong – used about someone’s body, arms, muscles etchis big powerful shouldersHe was a tall man with a powerful physique.muscular having big muscles and looking strongShe liked men who were big and muscular.He had a firm muscular body.well-built a well-built man is strong and tall and has a big bodyPolice say the man they are looking for is 36 years old, 6 feet tall, and well-built. hunky informal strong and attractiveShe married hunky Hollywood star Brad Pitt. He looks hunky, but he’s not really my type.not easily broken or damagedstrong not easily broken or damagedThe bags are made of strong black plastic.We need a strong rope for this job.tough strong – used especially about something that can be used a lot without damaging it or making it weakera pair of tough leather bootsKitchen floors need to be tough enough to withstand heavy use.heavy-duty [only before noun] extremely strong – used about materials, tools, machines etc that are made especially to be used a lot without being easily damagedheavy-duty rubber glovesa heavy-duty carpet for the hallwaysturdy strong and often thick, and not likely to fall over or get brokena fence made with sturdy wooden postsThe furniture is simple but sturdy.unbreakable extremely strong and impossible to breakBabies need to have unbreakable dishes and cups.indestructible impossible to break, damage, or destroy, and lasting foreverGold is virtually indestructible.The pyramids were built as indestructible tombs for the Pharaohs.hard-wearing British English, long-wearing American English used about materials and products that will remain in good condition for a long time even when they are used a lotCeramic tiles are easy to keep clean and hard-wearing.a hard-wearing fabricdurable especially written used about materials and products that will remain in good condition for a long time – often used on product labelsThe jacket has a durable nylon lining.Varnish is more durable than paint.robust especially written strongly made – used especially about the structure of something, for example a vehicle or machinea mountain bike with a robust frameThe hardware for the computer must be robust and inexpensive.
Examples from the Corpus
strongMy father's over eighty now, and not very strong.A sandy or silty bottom indicates slow currents whereas stones and gravel suggest that the current over the bed is quite strong.Only people who are physically strong and fit should consider coming on this expedition.After full heat treatment, the alloy proved to be five times as strong as the pure aluminium.Midler was considered a strong candidate for the best actress nomination.Despite his strong constitution, his health was beginning to suffer.I don't think she's strong enough to handle the news.But the writing and direction are strong enough to restrain him.Do you think the ladder is strong enough to support your weight?After a week in bed I felt strong enough to try walking a few steps.Goldsmith has very strong feelings about protecting the environment.a strong garlic tasteDegas had a strong influence on Toulouse-Lautrec's work.Her perfume is so strong - it makes me gag.Although strong leadership is typical of Great Groups, its form may vary.These more primitive readings in sharar throw a particularly strong light on the occurrence of the institution narrative there.It took four strong men to lift the piano.Such embryonic creatures needed stronger muscles, too, and a skin that was resistant to drying out.America must maintain a strong national defense.a strong presidentGoat's cheese has a strong smell.I left the restaurant with rather a strong taste of onions in my mouth.Dallas is a stronger team than Pittsburgh, in my opinion.My brother is stronger than I am.Some can be so strong that regardless of the consequences they compel action.strong hands/arms/muscles etcFor how are we to bring in the corn harvest with all those strong hands and strong arms gone?No more to trouble earth or the sea waters With their strong hands, Laboring for the food that does not satisfy.That the feel of his strong arms made her feel small and vulnerable?Doctors reasoned that limbs left untreated would draw into deformity by strong muscles pulling against weakened ones.She walked faster, her strong arms swinging her along.Such embryonic creatures needed stronger muscles, too, and a skin that was resistant to drying out.He told me that short, strong arms were good for a boxer.a strong sense ofThere is also a strong sense of closeness to the United States.MacArthur was spurred on by a strong sense of destiny and ambition.Lack a strong sense of direction.There's a very strong sense of ethnic pride in this town.She was a strange girl, intelligent and proud, with powerful loyalties, and a strong sense of friendship.Throughout Orwell's Wigan Pier you have a strong sense of him tramping around on foot.In primary five, children are developing a strong sense of responsibility to each other in relationships.I have seen eating obsessions up close before, but never one with such a strong sense of righteous healthiness.Thanks largely to the tradition of the harem and their own recent suppression, Arab women had a strong sense of sisterhood.strong desireIn managing very strong desires and impulses the child has his relationship with his parents as a resource.People have a strong desire for personal independence.Most men, particularly when young, have a strong desire to follow and emulate such leaders.On the first day, the woman, whose name was Fania, had expressed a strong desire to learn to read.Cassie experienced a strong desire to own them.Their willingness to do so indicated a strong desire to participate in training.I had a strong desire to repossess.Everyone expressed a strong desire to work together with you.strong linksMemorial services are still held here and strong links are maintained with the 351st Bomber Group Association. 11.The committee also calls for stronger links between industry and universities.That group is helping to forge stronger links between mainstream and complementary approaches to promoting health and managing illness.Or at the least very strong links have to be created with those customers.The college has built up strong links with local industry and this will be reflected on the board.The Centre also has strong links with the industry and policy community in the field.The company is also keen to build stronger links with the two universities in the province.a strong caseIn pointing to the large element of rates paid by local industry or commerce, the government had a stronger case.The Judge said they'd made a strong case about how they'd be affected by noise from the road.The report presents a strong case for continuing work on gasification although south south cooperation would seem to hold most promise.When a primary attack occurs in such circumstances, there is a strong case for delivering the baby by caesarian section.There is a strong case for holding that no political authority can be legitimate unless it is also a defacto authority.It was also evident that those departments which had made a strong case for improved resourcing had gained from the appraisal.If your interests are off road, Brooks can make a strong case for your business.One could make a strong case that they would be more difficult to pursue.strong possibility/chance/probabilityThere's no guarantee that you will hit the perfect shot, but using this procedure gives you a stronger chance.There is a strong probability, had such evidence been given, that the government would have been gravely embarrassed.There is a strong possibility, however, that phantom pregnancies will recur at successive heats.Great success at the Bar leads to a very considerable income and the strong possibility of a judgeship.Finally, there is the strong possibility that a contagion effect will operate in this setting.A year ago, there was a strong chance that he wouldn't live to be three.There had been a strong possibility that the Newleys would have turned the security locks as well.If you can visualise the shot there is a strong chance your body will respond and make a good swing.strong constitutionThey are constructed with few weaknesses and have a sound, strong constitution.Except for the strongest constitutions, coastal walking, bird watching and easel painting are best reserved for milder seasons.was strong onQuickly his canine smell sense detected that the trail was stronger on the inward line.extra strongI've made it extra strong.I reach for the super glue on the shelf, the extra strong kind that sticks wood and so on.Well, perhaps only after a pint or 2 of the extra strong Kingsdown.Styling wax and extra strong mousse were used for this look.Special climbing equipment, extra strong torches and loudspeakers had been bought.
From King Business Dictionarystrongstrong /strɒŋstrɒːŋ/ adjectiveECONOMICSFINANCE1a strong economy or business is financially successful, especially because a lot of money is being earned or receivedThey fear a strong economy will lead to higher inflation.products that will help the company maintain a strong cash flow2if a financial market is strong, prices in it are risingthe recent strong performance by the stock market3strong currency/dollar/pound etc a currency whose value is high compared with other currenciesHe blamed the company’s poor exports on the strong pound.4strong demand/growth/sales etc high demand or growth, a high number of sales etcDemand will continue to be strong and to outpace production.Prices of some bonds moved up a point after strong buying.Origin strong Old English strang