From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstripstrip1 /strɪp/ ●●● W3 noun [countable] 1 PIECEa long narrow piece of paper, cloth etc a strip of papersee thesaurus at piece2 AREAa long narrow area of land A strip of sand between the cliffs and the sea.3 do a strip4 American EnglishTTR a road with a lot of shops, restaurants etc along it the Las Vegas strip5 [usually singular] British EnglishDSDCC the clothes worn by a sports team Liverpool’s famous red strip6 TCNa strip cartoon comic strip, landing strip, → tear somebody off a strip at tear2(8)
Examples from the Corpus
stripThe uniform of the New York Yankees is white with a fine blue stripe.You will need a strip of stiff cardboard to make this hat.a strip of baconA strip of sand between the cliffs and the ocean.Cut fish, shrimp, and strips of beef or liver are eaten eagerly.He stared mournfully at the bright strip which appeared to float in the cold air over the small table.Charlie wasn't allowed to play because he'd forgotten his strip.Named after the strips of lead which used to be inserted between lines of metal type.Roots and leafless bushes stuck up wildly at the extreme end of the strip.She then snipped the satin into thin strips.She ironed their tiny strips of white embroidered cuffs and collars herself, and sewed them on fresh nearly every day.
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stripstrip2 ●●○ verb (stripped, stripping) 1 take off clothes a) [intransitive, transitive] (also strip off)TAKE OFF CLOTHES to take off your clothes or take off someone else’s clothesundress Jack stripped and jumped into the shower. The prisoner was stripped and beaten.strip off something He stripped off his sweater and threw it onto the couch. Eric stood in the hot sun, stripped to the waist (=not wearing any clothes on the top half of his body). Terry stripped down to her bra and pants (=removed all her clothes except her bra and pants) and tried on the dress. The boys stripped naked and jumped in the pond. b) [intransitive] to take off your clothes in a sexually exciting way as entertainment for someone else2 remove [transitive]REMOVE to remove something that is covering the surface of something else Strip the beds and wash the sheets.strip something off/from something We need to strip the wallpaper off the walls first.strip something of something tall windows stripped of curtains3 engines/equipment [transitive] (also strip down)TEMSEPARATE to separate an engine or piece of equipment into pieces in order to clean or repair it SYN dismantle4 building/ship etc [transitive]REMOVE to remove everything that is inside a building, all the equipment from a car etc so that it is completely empty The apartment had been stripped bare.5 damage [transitive] to damage or break the gears of something or the thread (=raised line) on a screw so that it does not work correctly anymore asset stripping strip something ↔ away strip somebody of something
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Examples from the Corpus
stripThe women in the club screamed and clapped as the male dancers began to strip.All of the land swept by the floods was stripped absolutely to bedrock.Tim stripped and climbed into bed.He had been stripped and measured, and two tailors were now working on the clothes.I was taken to police headquarters where I was stripped and searched.The prisoners were ordered to strip down to their underwear and wait for the guards.A reprimand would allow Gingrich to keep his leadership job, while a formal censure would strip Gingrich of his speakership.The men were stripped naked and herded into a small prison cell.Some rooms were even stripped of their wallpaper.We stood in the entranceway, stripping off our rain parkas as puddles formed at our feet.Face masks work by means of a mild exfoliating action, stripping off surface dead-skin cells.We stripped the doors down to the bare wood.I think we should strip the old varnish off and see what the wood's like underneath.One of the guards stripped the prisoner and beat him with a chain.""I'd like you to strip to the waist so I can listen to your chest, '' said the doctor.stripped to the waistA tall man approached who was barefoot and stripped to the waist.The guy stood there, stripped to the waist.Five young men, already in custody, were stripped to the waist.Early Salvationists had waded through snake-infested swamps, stripped to the waist, and established huts thatched with palm fronds.Many of the men who sat outside the tents were stripped to the waist and some of them were barefoot.I had been following some seals in bright sunshine, stripped to the waist and taking photographs.A tall, beefy man, he was barefoot and stripped to the waist; his skin was tanned and healthy looking.As the day wore on the men stripped to the waist in the burning sun.When insulted, they stripped to the waist, put on hideous driftwood masks and sang nasty songs at each other.He was stripped to the waist, tanned and big-shouldered, in remarkable condition for a man of his age.strip something off/from somethingWe need to strip the wallpaper off the walls first.stripped bareThe home they'd made together, and enjoyed for a year and two months, was stripped bare.The place had been stripped bare, and the rooms now held nothing.All trees are stripped bare, and the sky turns to mud, clouds fall to the ground breathlessly churning.The house was stripped bare except for the furniture, and I suppose Lord Muck will provide that wherever he's taken them.Simply because the planet is inevitably being eaten up, polluted and stripped bare in the process.The stage will be simple and stripped bare of the trappings of power both Dole and Clinton are used to.
From King Business Dictionarystripstrip1 /strɪp/ noun [countable]FINANCE1a SECURITY that has been created by separating a bond into the right to interest payments and the right to the repayment of the PRINCIPAL (=the original capital amount). For example, a 30-year bond would create 61 strips, 60 giving the right to receive interest payments every six months and one giving the right to have the capital repaid after 30 yearsThe principal strips yield 8.25% in 2009, and the interest strips mature in February and August of each year.2an OPTION contract consisting of two PUT OPTIONs and one CALL OPTION on the same shares and with the same price and datestripstrip2 verb (stripped, stripping) [transitive]FINANCE to separate a bond into stripsWhen a bond is stripped, its corpus, or principal due upon maturity, is sold separately without interest payments. see also asset-stripping, dividend-stripping→ See Verb tableOrigin strip1 Old English -strypan strip2 (1400-1500) Perhaps from Middle Low German strippe strap