Word family noun strength adjective strong verb strengthen adverb strongly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrengthenstrength‧en /ˈstreŋθən, ˈstrenθən/ ●●○ W3 verb 1 feeling/belief/relationship [intransitive, transitive]INCREASE IN ACTIVITY, FEELINGS ETCINCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNT to become stronger or make something stronger OPP weaken Our friendship has steadily strengthened over the years. Steve’s opposition only strengthened her resolve to go ahead.strengthen something’s ties/bonds/links etc The university hopes to strengthen its ties with the local community. The company plans to strengthen its hand (=make itself more powerful) in Europe by opening an office in Spain.2 team/army etc [transitive]BETTER to make an organization, army etc more powerful, especially by increasing the number or quality of the people in it OPP weaken The team has been strengthened by the arrival of two new players.3 financial situation [intransitive, transitive]BINCREASE IN ACTIVITY, FEELINGS ETC if the financial situation of a country or company strengthens or is strengthened, it improves or is made to improve OPP weaken measures to strengthen the economy4 money [intransitive, transitive]VALUE to increase in value, or to increase the value of money OPP weaken The pound has strengthened against other currencies.5 body/structure [transitive]STRONG OBJECT to make something such as your body or a building stronger OPP weaken Metal supports were added to strengthen the outer walls. 6 proof/reason [transitive]PROVE to help prove something Fresh evidence has greatly strengthened the case against him.7 wind/current [intransitive]INCREASE IN ACTIVITY, FEELINGS ETC to increase in force The wind had strengthened during the night.COLLOCATIONSnounsstrengthen somebody's positionThey have strengthened their position by their performance in the recent local elections.strengthen somebody's hand (=make them more powerful)The controversy has strengthened the hand of her critics.strengthen somebody's resolve (=make them more determined)Other people's doubts only strengthened my resolve to start my own business.strengthen ties/bonds/linksHe wants to strengthen ties with the West.strengthen a relationshipHaving counselling is a very positive step which could strengthen your relationship.strengthen the role of somebody/somethingA presidential decree strengthened the role of the Security Council. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
strengthenThe dollar has steadily strengthened against the yen in recent weeks.Woolley felt certain that he had made an important discovery and his conviction was strengthened as more evidence came to light.The first section focuses on changing counterproductive patterns of communication between parents and children, thus strengthening family relationships.The quarrel only served to strengthen my resolve to start out on my own.It shows them up for what they really are, and only strengthens my resolve.I've started swimming to strengthen my upper body.We're looking for ways to strengthen our sales team.Ali's testimony seems to have strengthened the case for the prosecution.The President's first priority was to strengthen the economy.Spiritual healing aims to correct these deep-seated imbalances by strengthening the flow of the life-force and removing any negative forces or imbalances.And conceivably the rugged traits which permit of survival in this contest are passed on to strengthen the generations that follow.a set of exercises to strengthen the leg musclesRecruited to the board by Hooker, Bok said he had tried to help him strengthen the university.A poor harvest in 1842, and the imminence of winter, strengthened their determination.The ship's decks will have to be strengthened to carry the extra weight.Heinz suggested that laws and constitutions of countries should be strengthened to make international declarations against torture into enforceable law.Should we buy euros in an attempt to strengthen what is an insecure currency?The walls were strengthened with steel rods.strengthen ... handThis exercise is also designed to strengthen your hands and arms but is more advanced than the last one.Campbell believed he could strengthen his hand by making an example of a council member in order to demonstrate where power lay.Others strengthened weak hands by molding clay.My connection to a politically active national organization had strengthened my hand immeasurably.In a decree of October 1856 he strengthened the hand of provincial governors.Up to a point, it is bound to strengthen the hand of reformers.This weakened the Section's influence at a crucial time and correspondingly strengthened the hand of the Treasury.
From King Business Dictionarystrengthenstrength‧en /ˈstreŋθən, ˈstrenθən/ verb1[intransitive, transitive]ECONOMICS if a currency strengthens, or something strengthens it, the currency increases in valueThe Singapore dollar has gradually strengthened against the pound and the US dollar.The G7 industrial nations might act later this month to strengthen the yen.2[transitive]ECONOMICSFINANCE to improve the financial situation of a country, company etcThese measures are designed to strengthen the company’s market position.→ See Verb table