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streamlinestream‧line /ˈstriːmlaɪn/ verb [transitive] 1 EFFICIENTto make something such as a business, organization etc work more simply and effectively efforts to streamline the production process2 TESIMPLE/NOT COMPLICATEDto form something into a smooth shape, so that it moves easily through the air or water All these new cars have been streamlined.streamlined adjective
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Examples from the Corpus
streamlineToday, corporations have become more streamlined and less caring.Nobody contends that reforms and streamlining are not useful.Lotus is also expected to streamline its Notes pricing, making it uniform across platforms, and comprehensible as far as multiple licenses go.The company announced it was to streamline its operations and close down three factories in the UK.Apple is going to streamline its operations and concentrate development efforts on the Internet and multimedia.We're taking steps to streamline operations and increase productivity.Drugs entrepreneurs avoid trouble by running relatively small, streamlined operations.The new computer has made it possible to streamline our data processing operations.We are streamlining our office procedures and business systems.The new system is an attempt to streamline the decision-making process.During 1990, a package dyeing system will be installed that will greatly streamline the dyeing process.The government is once again attempting to streamline the health care service in order to pay for tax cuts.The Cut and Paste command can be used to streamline the process of inserting information.In these instances, the Replace command can be used to streamline the process of inserting variable information.People are calling for steps to reform the juvenile justice system, including streamlining the process of prosecuting young offenders.We have streamlined the whole business by introducing a new computer system.
From King Business Dictionarystreamlinestream‧line /ˈstriːmlaɪn/ verb [transitive] to make something such as a business or organization work more simply and effectivelyMuch has been done to streamline the production process.The organization has been streamlined to reduce bureaucracy.Over five hundred jobs were cut in a streamlining operation.streamlined adjectivea streamlined accounting system→ See Verb table