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streamstream1 /striːm/ ●●● W3 noun [countable] 1 small riverDN a natural flow of water that moves across the land and is narrower than a river downstream, upstream2 continuous seriesSERIES a long and almost continuous series of events, people, objects etcstream of a stream of traffic a stream of abusesteady/constant/endless etc stream A steady stream of visitors came to the house.3 air/waterHE a flow of water, air, smoke etc, or the direction in which it is flowing A stream of cold air rushed through the open door. Gulf Stream, jet stream4 come on stream5 school British EnglishSES a level of ability within a group of students of the same age Kim’s in the top stream. bloodstream, mainstream1, stream of consciousness
Examples from the Corpus
streamThis free software uses the Internet to deliver a stream of news, stock quotes and other information right to your desktop.The upper path was deep in mud: the lower one was now a stream.A stream of air swirled the dust into clouds.The constant stream of praise burbling in the background of the class swelled into shouts of rapture.Between there and Drumbreck House they came across a number of swollen burns and encountered streams where no streams had existed before.a mountain streamStill holding the mangled trophy above his head, he started to cross the stream.Below meandered a little stream; the stream believed to be the source of Charles Kingsley's inspiration.It is raining, and I am watching the streams of water form patterns on the windows.Many course combinations are possible during the first three years, facilitating transfer between these three ofRefugees were pouring across the border in an endless stream.a stream of insultsGuides take the non-stop stream of visitors around the castle.
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streamstream2 ●○○ verb 1 pour [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]LIQUID to flow quickly and in great amounts SYN pourstream out/from/onto etc Water came streaming out of the burst pipe. Tears streamed down her cheeks.2 flow [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]GO to move in a continuous flow in the same directionstream out/across/past etc People streamed past us on all sides.3 give out liquid [intransitive, transitive]LIQUID to produce a continuous flow of liquidstream with When I got up, my face was streaming with blood.streaming cold British English (=an illness in which a lot of liquid comes out of your nose)4 light [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] if light streams somewhere, it shines through an opening into a place or onto a surface SYN floodstream in/through/from etc The first rays of morning sunlight streamed through the open doorway.5 move freely [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, usually in progressive]MOVE/CHANGE POSITION to move freely in a current of wind or waterstream in/out/behind etc Elise ran, her hair streaming out behind her. 6 computer [transitive] if you stream sound or video, you play it on your computer while it is being downloaded from the Internet, rather than saving it as a file and then playing it7 school [transitive] British EnglishSES to put school children in groups according to their ability SYN track American Englishstreaming noun [uncountable]
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Examples from the Corpus
streamThere were no more creatures streaming from the rear of the shuttle.And they streamed in as the game wound down.At the appointed hour for the concert to begin, crowds began streaming off the parade route and into the park.People streamed past us on all sides.There was a beach of pebbles, grey too, and streaming with rain.His eyes were streaming with tears from the out/from/onto etcConsequently, unlike equities, the income stream from debt is usually known.She got up, tears streaming from her eyes as he grabbed her trembling wrist and put the bracelet on her.She jerked in surprise, bubbles streaming from her mouth, when a hand clamped on to her shoulder.At the right moment, the crust would be broken open and live birds would stream out into the room.At fifteen thousand feet it happens automatically, swat, the orange plume streaming out of his shoulder blades.If there were stars above, they were hidden by the light that streamed from the dome.There were no more creatures streaming from the rear of the out/across/past etcThey walked in a line, the yaks' bulky bodies braced against the wind, tails streaming out.Her window was open and warm fresh air blew in her face and made her hair stream out behind.Movements occur simultaneously over many parts of the embryo with sheets of cells streaming past each other, contracting and expanding.The tribe streamed past it through the gathering dusk, ignoring its presence completely.Like refugees, streaming out of South Chicago.As it streams out, the pressure drops and a cloud of particles forms.People streamed past us on all withHis eyes were streaming with in/through/from etcStudents began to spill out of the building, others to stream in.Uniformed policemen, shirt-sleeved detectives with snub-nosed thirty-eights tucked into their holsters, defendants and prosecutors streamed through.The Lomond platform is due to come on stream in April.And they streamed in as the game wound down.She felt the milk being dragged in streams from her.If there were stars above, they were hidden by the light that streamed from the dome.The next moment the clown turned his bare face up to the rain that streamed through the icy light.It is my favorite, especially on a sunny morning when the sun streams through the stained glass front in/out/behind etcMotorway bollards were due to be removed at one thirty for the first customers to stream in.The light from the hallway beyond streamed in.Others described a long tail of various colours streaming behind a big light.And they streamed in as the game wound down.Her window was open and warm fresh air blew in her face and made her hair stream out behind.On windy days he finds himself flying over Doncaster, flares a-flap, hair streaming behind him like a curtain.At fifteen thousand feet it happens automatically, swat, the orange plume streaming out of his shoulder blades.
From King Business Dictionarystreamstream /striːm/ noun [countable]1a long and almost continuous series of thingsstream ofDespite the steady stream of layoffs, federal statisticians are predicting growth in select industries.The refinery will come on stream (=start producing a stream of oil) next year.2FINANCEregular amounts of money coming into a company or organization from a particular activity or source, especially over a long period of timeThe city will get an income stream from property and income taxes paid by the new owners.The new products account for more than 80% of the company’s revenue stream.Origin stream1 Old English