Word family noun strategy strategist adjective strategic adverb strategically
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strategicstra‧te‧gic /strəˈtiːdʒɪk/ ●●○ W3 AWL (also strategical /-dʒɪkəl/) adjective 1 PMPLANdone as part of a plan, especially in a military, business, or political situation UN forces made a strategic withdrawal. strategic planning meetings a strategic decision to move production to Hungary2 PLANuseful or right for a particular purpose Marksmen were placed at strategic points along the president’s route.3 PMrelating to fighting warstactical Marseilles was of great strategic importance.strategic arms/weapons (=weapons designed to reach an enemy country from your own) strategic nuclear missilesstrategically /-kli/ adverb Strategically placed video cameras can alert police to any trouble.
Examples from the Corpus
strategica strategic allianceThe two countries agreed to join together in a strategic alliance.With such values, how are man-made brainpower firms to hold on to, and enhance, their only strategic asset?strategic bombingDeploying strategic crescendos, they had people jumping spontaneously out of their seats.Recognizing it, they will feel entitled to consideration in strategic decisions.It would give impetus to strategic disarmament negotiations, he said.The smallest are unlikely to perform satisfactorily strategic functions like planning and economic regeneration.The remote province is in a strategic location on the border with China.strategic materials such as iron or steelHe had thus had achieved the greatest practicable measure of independence without squandering resources on strategic missile development.We need to have a strategic plan for education in the next century.Again there was a break with tradition for strategic reasons.The British army made a strategic withdrawal across the English Channel.strategic planningDoug Solomon retains his job as head of strategic planning.Ellis said the proposed telecommunications bill is driving the consolidation of the industry -- and his strategic planning.This is soon to be published in draft and will provide a strategic planning framework for the region to the year 2005.Strategic Planning in Practice - a five-day programme for senior executives and directors involved in strategic planning.By definition, strategic planning is remote; about locating highways and airports.Part of the value of strategic planning is that it helps an organization recognize and correct its mistakes.They are usually part of executive teams that are involved in strategic planning or new product development.Although Mr Lamont will have day-to-day control of budget planning, Mr Major will take charge of the overall strategic planning role.strategic importanceHenley offers both organisations and individual managers the opportunity to carry out interdisciplinary research into issues of strategic importance.This bridge we're guarding is of great strategic importance.After all, what strategic importance could an ordinary tutor hide in his ordinary office?Newark Castle was of strategic importance during the Civil War when it withheld three sieges by Parliamentarians.To this day the strategic importance of Stirling is obvious to anyone approaching from the south.Will he therefore take this opportunity to emphasise the employment aspect as well as the strategic importance of the fourth submarine?From a military point of view, the strategic importance of the Iberian Peninsula was evident simply from looking at a map.Of even greater strategic importance to the review was a condition set down by the Chancellor at the very beginning.
From King Business Dictionarystrategicstra‧te‧gic /strəˈtiːdʒɪk/ adjective done as part of a plan to gain an advantage or achieve a particular purposeThere may be strategic advantages in manufacturers remaining separate from retailers.We need to define our strategic goals.Strategic decisions are those which determine the long-term policies of the firm.strategically adverbThis is a strategically important acquisition for the group.