Word family noun straight adjective straight verb straighten adverb straight
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstraightenstraight‧en /ˈstreɪtn/ ●○○ verb 1 [intransitive, transitive] (also straighten out)STRAIGHT to become straight, or to make something straight Can you straighten your leg?2 [intransitive] (also straighten up)STAND to make your back straight, or to stand up straight after bending down3 [transitive] (also straighten up)TIDY to make something tidy Mum told me to straighten my room. straighten out straighten up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
straightenThe papers on the table have been straightened.The car's in the garage having its front bumper straightened.The operation also included straightening a tooth that grew out at a 45-degree angle.Alan straightened in his chair.Repeat all movements on 1 leg without straightening it.The road twisted and turned and then straightened out.Heating an implement made of a straightened safety pin, he speared the bugs, then brought them to the candle flame.It will speak the truth and straighten the record.I had trouble straightening up after I bent down to pick up the coins.She straightened up as Melissa approached, pulling off her gardening gloves.I want to get the house straightened up before everyone gets here.Try straightening your arm.Lean on your shovel for one second to straighten your back, and there was Bud to remind you.Gradually straighten your legs until you are standing upright.