From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstorestore1 /stɔː $ stɔːr/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable] 1 shop a place where goods are sold to the public. In British English, a store is large and sells many different things, but in American English, a store can be large or small, and sell many things or only one type of At Christmas the stores stay open late.shoe/clothing/grocery etc store American English (=one that sells one type of goods) She worked in a grocery store before going to college.go to the store American English (=go to a store that sells food) I need to go to the store for some milk. chain store, department store, general store2 supplyPROVIDE a supply of something that you keep to use laterstore of a store of wood fat stores in the body (=that your body keeps)3 place to keep thingsSHOP/STORE a large building in which goods are kept so they can be used or sold later a grain store4 in store (for somebody)5 stores6 set great/considerable etc store by something
Examples from the Corpus
storeThe book is a store of knowledge about Dickens.He reportedly warned of a bomb placed at an unspecified Boots store in Liverpool.Her background is interior design, and she works as a designer at a furniture store.Simply use a dice and counters and see what fate has in store.We have been to the Horton Plaza store.The boy ransacked his father's stores for old guns, shields and spears which we hung in the entrance hall.Most SuperTarget stores employ about 500 people, -- compared with about 200 employees in traditional Target stores, Knach said.The store, at Balloan Park in Inverness, will open on 4 March.shoe/clothing/grocery etc storeOne unfortunate woman who ran a discount shoe store was oblivious to the fact she was sitting on an old school goldmine.Next operates a chain of about 300 fashion clothing stores.Nearby is a new little grocery store selling expensive avocados, bottled prawns and kiwi fruit.One of the shops that's been selling Rave is the O-H-M clothing store in Gloucester.They hid under floorboards and over grocery stores.Half-facet ... Obispal spotted a lone purestrain Stealer lurking some way down a dismal arcade lined by shuttered clothing stores.He went to the grocery store and bought ofGranny always had a special store of chocolate for us.
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storestore2 ●●● S3 W3 verb [transitive] 1 KEEP/STOREto put things away and keep them until you need themstore something away/up Squirrels are storing up nuts for the winter. Store the beans in an airtight jar.2 PUTto keep facts or information in your brain or a computer Standard letters can be stored on floppy discs.3 store up trouble/problems etc
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Examples from the Corpus
storeWhen stock is reduced and full of flavor, strain carefully, let cool, and store.The cards can be stored alphabetically.What that experience demonstrates is that the teacher very rarely uses the voluminous information, which is nevertheless conscientiously stored and retained.Instead of being distributed, the food was unloaded and stored away in a warehouse.He only hoped the electronic equipment was safely stored away.It is proposed that this collection should be sifted, and the contents scanned and stored electronically on optical media.The warehouse is being used to store food and clothes for the refugees.All of my old books are stored in boxes in the attic.Since they are predictable, the camera moves are sometimes preprogrammed and stored in computers.Huge amounts of information can be stored on a single CD-ROM.Data regarding employees' salaries are stored on the computer at the main office.How much information can you store on your hard drive?The computer stores the information in its memory automatically.Store the medicine in a cool place.The government plans to store the nuclear waste at a site in Nevada.
From King Business Dictionarystorestore1 /stɔːstɔːr/ noun [countable]COMMERCE1a large place that sells many different kinds of goods on several different floors, or goods in large quantitiesMost high street stores hold sales in January.The firm has over 800 stores in Britain.a London furniture storeHe left the company to join a US stores group. cash-and-carry store chain store department store discount store multiple store2American English a place where goods are sold to the publicSYNSHOPa liquor storea book store convenience store co-operative store dime store drive-in store general store3a large building in which goods are stored so they can be used or sold laterSYNWAREHOUSEa grain store4a supply of something that you keep to use laterstore ofA 600-million barrel store of crude oil rests underground in Texas and Louisiana.storestore2 verb [transitive]1 (also store away) to put things away and keep them until you need themStationery should be stored in a clear and dry cupboard or stockroom.Goods are also stored on the warehouse floor, by high-rise stackings.2COMPUTINGto keep information on a computer or DISKStandard letters can be stored on floppy disks.All the sales data is stored on a CD-Rom.→ See Verb tableOrigin store2 (1200-1300) Old French estorer to build, supply, store, from Latin instaurare to make new, restore