Word family noun stone adjective stoned stony verb stone adverb stonily
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_319_dstonestone1 /stəʊn $ stoʊn/ ●●● S2 W1 noun 1 rock [uncountable]HEG a hard solid mineral substance a stone wall stone steps The floors are made of stone.2 piece of rock [countable]HEG a small piece of rock of any shape, found on the ground SYN rock American English A handful of protesters began throwing stones at the police.3 jewellery [countable]DCJ a jewel SYN precious stone4 fruit [countable] British EnglishHBP the large hard part at the centre of some fruits, such as a peach or cherry, which contains the seed SYN pit American English5 medical [countable]MI a ball of hard material that can form in organs such as your bladder or kidneys 6 weight (plural stone) [countable] (written abbreviation st) a British unit for measuring weight, equal to 14 pounds or 6.35 kilograms7 a stone’s throw from something/away (from something)8 be made of stone9 not be carved/etched in stone10 leave no stone unturned
Examples from the Corpus
stoneDoes he believe that one can get blood out of a stone?a stone wallIt is not difficult to construct your own labyrinth, either in stones or cut into your lawn.Messina is a city built of stone.The gold ring was set with four precious stones.Bernice knelt at the wall, pressing her ear against the stone.And he insists that the museum trustees acted without authority when they gave the stones away.He is afraid of falling and of the stone floor under him.Kids were throwing stones into the water.The Oxford sequences were shot in Edinburgh and the uncompromising stone facades of that city become darker and darker.stone wallThe bonnet was embedded in a stone wall.A stile over a stone wall led into a field whose furthest wall consisted of the grey squat towers of the castle.A stone wall had subsequently been inserted, obscuring its original width.Placing one hand on the cold stone wall for guidance, she plunged forward.Opposite, the fields of the abbey stretched to its grey stone walls.There was a shoulder-high stone wall, rooted with ivy-leaved toadflax.It flickered over stone walls, glinting on darker, shinier patches here and there.It does not respect stone walls.
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stonestone2 verb [transitive] 1 THROWto throw stones at someone or something Rioters blocked roads and stoned vehicles.2 stone somebody to death3 British EnglishDFC to take the stone out of fruit SYN pit American English stoned dates4 stone the crows!
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Examples from the Corpus
stoneLate last year five women wearing T-shirts were stoned in Dili's central market for dressing inappropriately and talking on mobile phones.During the riot the mob started stoning the British embassy.I remember hearing stories in my childhood about how women like that were stoned to death in the old country.The thieves were caught and sentenced to be stoned to death.
Origin stone1 Old English stan