Word family noun sticker stickiness adjective sticky stuck unstuck non-stick verb stick
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstickystick‧y /ˈstɪki/ ●●○ adjective (comparative stickier, superlative stickiest) 1 STICKmade of or covered with a substance that sticks to surfaces There’s some sticky stuff in your hair. a sticky floorsticky tape/label etc British English (=tape etc that is made so it will stick to surfaces)2 HOTweather that is sticky makes you feel uncomfortably hot, wet, and dirty SYN humid It was hot and sticky and there was nowhere to sit.3 DIFFICULTa sticky situation, question, or problem is difficult or dangerous a sticky political issuesticky patch British English The business hit a sticky patch and lost £4.8 million.4 a website that is sticky is interesting to the people looking at it and makes them want to look at it for a long period of time5 have sticky fingers6 come to/meet a sticky end7 be on a sticky wicketstickiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
stickyAdd flour to the mixture to prevent it from becoming sticky.She felt hot and sticky and changed her clothes and put on a housecoat.Sweat had made my skin sticky, and had glued rivulets of sand to my spectacles.So newly divorced Jayojit flies from the States to sticky Calcutta with his son.Christina went upstairs to her bedroom, peeled off her sticky, crumpled clothes, and jumped into a tepid shower.a hot sticky day in AugustWe left Rome on a hot sticky day in August.Something about the sticky humid weather made people feel a little angry.She wrote the address on a sticky label and stuck it to her computer.I opened two bottles that I retrieved from the sticky mess on the cabin floor.There's something sticky on the floor.Then she saw the bear stuck to the sticky ox.Mum's cakes always sank, and Dad liked eating the sticky part in the middle with a spoon.The issue of equal school funding remains a sticky political issue.Only a trail of blue sticky stuff all on the gratings.sticky stuffOnly a trail of blue sticky stuff all on the and stickyLincoln licked my hands, making them all hot and sticky.They're not too hot and sticky.She felt hot and sticky and changed her clothes and put on a housecoat.I was a bit dubious at first, but I was hot and sticky and the water looked tempting.It was hot and sticky and there was nowhere to sit.Pain and nausea swept over him in waves that left him hot and sticky and weak at the knees.He still felt hot and sticky from the attack by the Microwave Gun.We were so hot and sticky that when the monsoon rain came up, we all stripped down, soaped ourselves up.sticky patchEvode has gone through a sticky patch.During a sticky patch in her relationship with Paul she bedded a 19-year-old holidaymaker in Ibiza.
From King Business Dictionarystickystick‧y /ˈstɪki/ adjective1sticky prices do not change very much and are slow to react to changing market conditionsIn this situation, prices and wages tend to be sticky and are unresponsive to shifts in the market.2COMPUTING used to describe a website that attracts people to visit it and to spend a long time on itYou need to build a sticky site that entertains people.3have sticky fingers informal to be likely to steal somethingstickiness noun [uncountable]There are various ways that you can give your website stickiness.