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steeplestee‧ple /ˈstiːpəl/ noun [countable] RRCTBBa tall pointed tower on the roof of a church
Examples from the Corpus
steepleBut Finch smiles easily as she banks the plane and finds a steeple that has become her aerial signpost.Huge umbrellas of black vitrodur atop turrets ... umbrellas that could, and indeed were closing up into cones and steeples.The distant unsighted object is a church steeple.I can see the church steeple, the church I married in, full of hope.Four soaring steeples are honeycombed with cavities, revealing them to be the bony skeleton of support they are.He's rigged up speakers in the steeple To fool dim-witted country people.The steeples in the city rose in the distance.The clouds moved behind the white steeple.
Origin steeple Old English stepel tower