Word family noun steam steamer adjective steamy verb steam adverb steaming
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
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steamersteam‧er /ˈstiːmə $ -ər/ noun [countable] 1 TTWa steamship2 DFUa container used to cook food in steam3 a member of a large group of young people who go into a public place, surprise and frighten the people there, and then rob them
Examples from the Corpus
steamerFrom there a steamer took him to New York in twenty days.A very similar species is the flying steamer duck.In 1895 Sunderland was added to the ports of call down the East Coast now being served by four steamers.Mississippi steamers all had the instruments which could be heard for miles.So crack open those musty steamer trunks.Salim makes good his escape on the steamer - bound, we take it, for his bride.On the steamers and barges nobody was even hit.