stay put

From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstay putstay putspokenSTAY/NOT LEAVE to remain in one place and not move Stay put until I get back. stay
Examples from the Corpus
stay putLocals were told to evacuate, but Duane stayed put.Water exchange is limited, and any pollution will just stay put.But since it was extremely dark and nearly dawn, we stayed put.If you had been out in the middle of space, far from anything else, they would have stayed put.Dear Prudence would dictate staying put and waiting for air to come and retrieve him.He won't stay put long enough for me to take his photo.When she stayed put, the men began pounding their fists on the tables as well.Everything falling in exactly the same way is what is natural, not everything staying put the same way.If we stay put they can stay up there and fry the valley bottom, and us with it.I'm just going to stay put unless you need me to help you.I've decided to stay put until after Christmas, but after that I want to start looking for a new apartment.If you stay put, you'll be even more miserable in a year's time.