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From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstatementstate‧ment1 /ˈsteɪtmənt/ ●●● S2 W1 noun 1 [countable]SAY/STATE something you say or write, especially publicly or officially, to let people know your intentions or opinions, or to record facts In an official statement, she formally announced her resignation.statement on/about the prime minister’s recent statements on Europesee thesaurus at speech2 [countable]LIST a record showing amounts of money paid, received, owed etc the company’s annual financial statements I haven’t received my bank statement for last month yet.3 [countable] something you do, make, wear etc that causes people to have a certain opinion about you The type of car you drive makes a statement about you. a fashion statement4 [uncountable] formalEXPRESS the act of expressing something in words presentation and clarity of statementCOLLOCATIONSverbsmake a statement (=say something, especially in public)The minister will make a statement on the matter tomorrow.give a statement (=make a statement, especially to the police)He gave a statement to the police.issue/release/put out a statement (=give a written statement to newspapers, TV etc)The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a short statement saying the meeting was ‘useful’.take/get a statement from somebodyI asked the police why they didn’t take a statement from me four years ago.withdraw your statement (=say that a statement you gave is not true)She later withdrew her statement.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + statementa short/brief statementPolice last night issued a brief statement about the incident.a clear statement (=giving an opinion clearly)The article was a clear statement of his beliefs.a sweeping statement (=one that is too general)Researchers do not want to make any sweeping statements at this stage.a false/misleading statement (=one that is not true)She is accused of making false statements to obtain a official statementThe company is expected to make an official statement tomorrow.a formal statement (=one you must sign to show that it is true)You will be asked to make a formal statement.a public statement (=one made in public)We will be making no public statements about the matter.a written statementOne neighbour said in a written statement that she often heard a baby ‘crying for help’.a prepared statement (=one that is prepared and then read out)His solicitor read a prepared statement on his behalf.a sworn statement (=one that you officially promise is true)The reports were based on sworn statements of graduates of the terrorist training camp.a policy statement (=one that explains a government policy)In his first major policy statement to Parliament he promised to end corruption in public life.a mission statement (=one in which an organization states its aims)The role of a mission statement is to focus on the purpose of the organization. THESAURUSstatement something that someone says or writes publicly in order to tell people what they intend to do, what their opinion is etcThe president will make a statement to the press this afternoon.announcement a public or official statement telling people what has happened or what will happenThe announcement was heard by millions of radio listeners this morning.The company made an announcement yesterday that Rogers has resigned as managing director.declaration an important official statement, especially about what a government or organization intends to doOn the 19th of July a declaration of war was delivered in Berlin.Independence Hall is where the delegates met to sign the Declaration of Independence and write the Constitution. press release an official statement giving information to the newspapers, radio, or televisionThe singer issued a press release saying that she was too ill to continue with the tour.testimony a formal statement saying that something is true, especially one a witness makes in a court of lawThe testimony of the two arresting officers was an important part of the prosecution case.The jury based their decision almost entirely on the testimony of one witness.affidavit law a written statement that you swear is true, for use as proof in a court of lawA prison doctor who treated the accused sent an affidavit about his mental state.
Examples from the Corpus
statementIn a statement, the BBC admitted that it had given incorrect information.The President will make a statement to the press this afternoon.Once again, in his autumn statement yesterday, the Chancellor of the Exchequer was forecasting an economic upturn.a bank statementShevardnadze did not repeat in public or in his internal report his most emphatic statement in Pyongyang.According to its financial statement, the company made a profit of $15 million last year.The company gave no year-ago figures in its statement.This becomes part of your mission statement and will help you focus as your business grows.The Court relied upon lack of protest coupled with public statements of the position, preferring overt behaviour to formal requirements.Aversion relief statements are also included here.Mr. Speaker I will take points of order after the statement.The boffin claims to be able to lower bust-up ratios by analysing responses to statements about their lifestyles.statement on/aboutWhat most kids really want is the ability to make a statement about the human condition through play writing.The information will be accompanied by statements on the purpose of a school and its particular aims.Simply stated the purpose is the first statement about which the project is all about.A strongly worded White House statement on March 7 had appealed for international support in stopping the operation of the Rabta plant.He said he had been informed of Pascoe's death but could make no statement about it.They could no longer dismiss our statements about commitment to quality as mere talk.Others in the school made similar statements about statementAfter the couple's death police discovered bank statements which showed they paid the builders £23,000 for it.She ran a sticky finger down the monthly balance-sheet, then checked the figures against the handwritten bank statement.Tax inspectors should be empowered to examine a man's bank statement as well as his credit-card dealings.Then there are your personal papers, such as credit card statements, bank statements, insurance documents, etc.Two weeks ago, Leavey glanced at the bank statements NationsBank was sending to Dena.Sands opened the bank statement first.And don't forget: keep a record of your order, so you can balance it against your bank statement.On your bank statement, it will show up as $ 47,395. makes a statementShutting the door makes a statement of refusal.If he makes statements from the Dispatch Box, he should be a man of honour and honour his promises.Still, when he makes a statement such as you refer to, I would be inclined to believe him.
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statementstatement2 verb [transitive] British EnglishSES if an education authority statements a child who has special educational needs, they give a school additional money to help teach that child
statementstatement3 adjective [only before noun] statement pieces of jewellery, shoes etc are very noticeable and impressive – used especially in magazinesFrom King Business Dictionarystatementstate‧ment /ˈsteɪtmənt/ noun [countable]1something you say or write publicly or officially to let people know your intentions or opinions, or to record factsFalse statements on your tax form could land you in jail.The Congressman issued a statement to the press.The brokers had made misleading statements. chairman's statement environmental impact statement mission statement proxy statement registration statement2FINANCEa list showing amounts of money paid, received, owing etc and their totalYou will receive a monthly statement showing the state of your account. average statement bank statement completion statement financial statement funds flow statement income statement reconciliation statement source and application of funds statement