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stagehandstage‧hand /ˈsteɪdʒhænd/ noun [countable] APTsomeone who works on a theatre stage, getting it ready for a play or for the next part of a play
Examples from the Corpus
stagehandA coda to a Wagner song finds Cynthia Loemij winding down as the set is dismantled by stagehands.Regan, the chief stagehand, said in a harsh whisper.Regan, the chief stagehand, walked by Eliza.A cordon of stagehands appeared from nowhere and surrounded me as I stepped out of the car.Not one Girl was dropped and due to the anti-social breath of the stagehands, not one romance developed.Mulcahey flew past the desk and the startled clerks to the room where the stagehands had said he would find Jack Diamond.The stagehand ran back to a trunk by the wall and took out a doll wrapped in a plaid blanket.The stagehands pulled on their ropes, and the curtain rolled up smoothly.