stage manager

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stage managerˈstage ˌmanager noun [countable] APTsomeone who is in charge of the technical parts of organizing a performance of a play, such as the lighting, scenery etc
Examples from the Corpus
stage managerHe had become a stage manager and officer of the Minnehaha Minstrels.For a company of our size to tour without a stage manager and only one technician is a nightmare.He is also a founder member and stage manager of the Calder Valley Junior theatre Society.Mr Mates was the efficient stage manager of Michael Heseltine's almost successful bid for the premiership.Making Alvin the stage manager was the first step, she believed, in involving him in something outside of class work.John, the stage manager, went with her to the X-ray department.Next morning the stage manager took great pleasure in informing them they had been to a women-only club.