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squaresquare1 /skweə $ skwer/ ●●● S2 W3 adjective 1 shapeHMSHAPE having four straight equal sides and 90° angles at the corners a large square room2 angleHM forming a 90° angle, or being close to or similar to a 90° angle square corners3 square metre/mile etc4 five feet/two metres etc square5 levelHORIZONTAL [not before noun] parallel with a straight linesquare with I don’t think the shelf is square with the floor.6 square meal7 body if someone’s body or a part of their body is square, it looks broad and strong a square jaw8 all square9 (all) square10 square deal11 boring informalFASHIONABLE# someone who is square is boring and old-fashioned12 a square peg in a round holesquareness noun [uncountable] win (something)/beat somebody fair and square at fair3(1)
Examples from the Corpus
squareThe pair moved down the centre line and halted square and dead centre.a square backyarda square cornerRoy Fredericks always favoured the square cut.The three-bedroom home is about 2,500 square feet.Rolling white sand dunes surrounded by a large oasis of swaying palm trees with a square fort in the middle.In other words, Washington must remain urgently concerned about every square inch of the planet.He was seated in a deep armchair with flat, square sides.The floor is only ten inches square so you can't sit down or squat in it.It's important to be square with clients.square withThe walls should be square with each other.
squaresquare2 ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable] 1 shapeHMSQUARE a shape with four straight equal sides with 90° angles at the cornersrectangle First of all, draw a square.square of a small square of cloth2 in a townAATBAREA a large open area in the centre of a town or city, usually in the shape of a square, or the buildings surrounding itmain/market/town square The hotel is just off the main square of Sorrento. She lives in Hanover Square.3 square one4 numberHMN the result of multiplying a number by itselfsquare rootsquare of The square of 4 is 16.5 in a gameDGB a space on a board used for playing a game such as chess6 person informalBORING someone who is considered boring and unfashionable SYN nerd7 tool (also set square)TZ a flat object with a straight edge, often shaped like an L, used for drawing or measuring 90° angles
Examples from the Corpus
squareCheck the saw blade with a square to make sure.They had been covered with a square of spotted muslin, for decency she supposed.When a player reaches a black square, they must answer three questions to reach Number 10.One after another, they gather near the Stone County courthouse square.The Little Palace Theatre was situated in a side street running off Fellburn market square.Arrange pheasant pieces on individual plates and place one of the polenta squares on the side of each serving.Yesterday, Mr Dubcek's name was chanted at least as loudly as it was in the same square over 21 years ago.Have you been to the bank on the square?square ofa square of green clothmain/market/town squareIts old courthouse, streets lined with Victorian homes and town square scream heartland.I was leaving an office in a busy New Town square.They jogged round a corner, and found themselves in what passed for the town square of Dead Rat, Arizona.Try Bashford Court, across the street from the town square.For decades, townspeople thought his childhood home was a three-story rowhouse near the market square, now a porcelain shop.Nowadays, the battlefield is an opera stage, at Sebastiani Theatre on the town square.Then he hurried away towards the main square.
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squaresquare3 verb [transitive] 1 multiplyHMCOUNT/CALCULATE to multiply a number by itself2 in a competitionDSSAME British English to win a point or game so that you have now won the same number of points or games as the other team or player India won the second match to square the series at one each.3 square your shoulders4 make something straightSTRAIGHT to make something straight or parallel5 square the circle square something ↔ away square off square up square with
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Examples from the Corpus
squareThen she squared her shoulders and headed indoors.I have no idea how Eva squared it with her husband, but she did.The Braves beat the Twins and squared the World Series at two games each.Not the least of these is that this does not square very well with the way to is learned by children.The confused events of the 450s and 460s are not easily squared with the literary image of the period purveyed by Sidonius.
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squaresquare4 adverb 1 EXACTdirectly and firmly SYN squarely Look him square in the eye and say no.2 HMat 90° to a line SYN squarelysquare to Wright passed the ball square to Brown.
Examples from the Corpus
squareWe must be square in the middle of it.
From King Business Dictionarysquaresquare1 /skweəskwer/ adjective1square metre/mile etcPROPERTY an area of measurement equal to a square with sides a metre long, a mile long etcThe new site will provide 10 million square feet of office space.25 feet/2 metres etc squarePROPERTY shaped like a square with sides that are 5 feet, 2 metres etc longThe room is six metres square.3(all) square informal if two people are square, they do not owe each other any moneyHere’s your £10 back — that makes us all square.squaresquare2 verb [transitive] informal to pay money to someone in an official position, so that they do what you wantSYNBRIBEWe’ll have to square a few government officials, if we’re going to get this scheme approved. square something → away square up square something with somebody→ See Verb tableOrigin square2 (1200-1300) Old French esquarre, from Vulgar Latin exquadra, from exquadrare to make square, from Latin quadrare to make square, fit