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spoutspout1 /spaʊt/ noun [countable] 1 spout.jpg DTa small pipe on the side of a container that you pour liquid out through2 spout of water/blood etc3 up the spout
Examples from the Corpus
spoutI checked the half-and-half in my little refrigerator, sniffing at the carton spout.It begins churning ahead, blowing huge clouds of spray from its spout, and generating great foam in its wake.They had even devised a smoke pot which emitted from the spout.James poured, then held the spout of the jug over Cameron's glass.Use royal icing to glue the paper well into the spout.It was shaped like a coffee or teapot, with the spout at right handles to the handle.the spout of a teapot
spoutspout2 verb 1 a) [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]POUR if liquid or fire spouts from somewhere, it comes out very quickly in a powerful stream SYN spurtspout from Blood was spouting from the wound in her arm. b) [transitive]SEND to send out liquid or flames very quickly in a powerful stream a volcano spouting lava2 (also spout off) [intransitive, transitive] informalTALK TO somebody to talk a lot about something in a boring or annoying way My father was spouting his usual nonsense! I hate it when he spouts off like that!spout about I’m tired of listening to Jim spouting about politics.3 [intransitive]HBA if a whale spouts, it sends out a stream of water from a hole in its head→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
spoutIshmael says they are whales because they spout and have horizontal tails.Each ornamental fountain is designed to take a pump outlet so that water can spout from its mouth, shell or similar object.For batty to start spouting it makes you wonder.The car's radiator was spouting out steam.I read message after message spouting racist doctrines, discriminatory diatribes and personal attacks.Forbes can apparently spout the results of all presidential elections to the nearest decimal point.The enormous rounded oily back spouting up dirt and stones.When he was tired, he turned on his back, spouting water.spout fromOil continues to spout from the damaged well.spout aboutI got a letter from some idiot spouting off about the work ethic.
Origin spout2 (1300-1400) Middle Dutch spouten