From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspokesmanspokes‧man /ˈspəʊksmən $ ˈspoʊks-/ ●●○ W3 noun (plural spokesmen /-mən/) [countable] REPRESENTa man who has been chosen to speak officially for a group, organization, or governmentspokesperson a White House spokesmanspokesman for a spokesman for the victims’ families
Examples from the Corpus
spokesmanA spokesman for Limited declined to comment, noting that the company had just been served with a copy of the suit.An Alcoa spokesman said costs generally rise when revenue increases.Ask for a copy of the original information so that any spokesman you provide will not have it sprung upon him.A company spokesman was not able to say whether or not the two were connected.An investigation of the incidents was opened earlier last month but so far no one has been punished, Marine spokesmen said.I was glad to meet Alan Savory, the opposition spokesman - a young, cool customer, dark and striking.This is where Mr Pozsgay's training as the people's spokesman became useful.spokesman fora spokesman for NASA
Origin spokesman (1500-1600) Probably from spoke (old past participle of speak) + O=man