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spiritualityspir‧i‧tu‧al‧i‧ty /ˌspɪrətʃuˈæləti/ noun [uncountable] RRRELIGIONthe quality of being interested in religion or religious matters
Examples from the Corpus
spiritualityIn place of his spirituality and incandescence, Solti offers only the momentary frisson.The first two chapters offer a definition of spirituality and a way of identifying spiritual need.This public display of spirituality throws a lot of people off their game.It is a large cathedral and its interior retains a Medieval sense of spirituality.As the 1960s ended and the wave of neo-oriental spirituality began to decline, the seekers began to look elsewhere.But it also emphasizes de-escalation of violence and a positive spirituality.Today's myth is still rooted in a mechanistic way of thinking which denies or represses spirituality.