Word family noun specification verb specify
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspecificationspe‧ci‧fi‧ca‧tion /ˌspesɪfɪˈkeɪʃən/ ●○○ AWL noun [countable] 1 [usually plural]INSTRUCTIONS a detailed instruction about how a car, building, piece of equipment etc should be madebuild/manufacture/produce something to ... specifications The airport building had been constructed to FAA specifications. The bolts met all the engineering specifications.2 especially British EnglishMUST a clear statement of what is needed or wanted a specification of what role each member will playjob specification (=a detailed description of what a job involves)
Examples from the Corpus
specificationThe DC-ACCESS keyword may be repeated up to 10 times allowing specification of up to 100 users.Falcons were fitted out at the Bordeaux plant to customer specification.Proper specification of the grounds of objection was required.These days there are a range of sizes, specifications and prices to suit nearly every requirement.The C65 was intended to be a low-cost computer with better technical specifications than, but still compatible with, the C64.The specifications required to meet these can be readily elicited and catalogued.But the wind tunnel specifications called for this wall to be able to withstand seventy-five pounds a square foot.job specificationThe second issue is to do with other existing roles and job specifications.All deputy heads need a clear job specification and a place in school development and decision-making commensurate with their experience and seniority.Formal organisations have an explicit hierarchy in a well- defined structure; job specifications and communication channels are also well-defined.The criteria for analysing work done must primarily be the job specification.But the job specifications for Number 10 are increasingly precise and alarmingly exacting.The manager of nurses should contribute to the preparation of the job specification for consultant appointments.They are mainly on academic-related grades but their job specifications are entirely library administration.
From King Business Dictionaryspecificationspe‧ci‧fi‧ca‧tion /ˌspesɪfɪˈkeɪʃən/ noun [countable usually plural]1MANUFACTURINGa detailed description of how something should be designed or madethe design specifications of the new computer systemEach machine is built to the highest specifications.They delivered parts that did not conform with contract specifications (=were not made in the way the contract stated).In defense electronics, components must meet rigid specifications set by the Pentagon.2to specification(s)MANUFACTURING if something is made, working etc to specification, it is doing so according to the description of how it should be designedMy job is to ensure that the plant is performing exactly to specification.3an official written description of something, giving details of what it is or what it involves customs specification job specification