From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspecializespe‧cial‧ize (also specialise British English) /ˈspeʃəlaɪz/ ●○○ verb [intransitive] KNOW somethingto limit all or most of your study, business etc to a particular subject or activityspecialize in Simmons specialized in contract law.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
specializeCivil servants are non-political, anonymous, discreet and specialize in a particular sphere of public business.Hollington Architects Inc., specializes in institutional design, such as schools and churches.He had wanted the Agency to specialize in political cases.They specialize in providing branch banking facilities to individuals.They specialize in the big picture and are no good at details.Later he specialized in war photography for magazines such as Life, Time, and Newsweek, winning a number of awards.specialize inThe chef specializes in Hunan and Szechuan cuisine, but all the dishes we tried were delicious.The store specializes in interior design books.My history professor specialized in Russian history.
From King Business Dictionaryspecializespe‧cial‧ize /ˈspeʃəlaɪz/ (also specialise British English) verb [intransitive]COMMERCE to limit all or most of your business to a particular activityspecialize inThe firm specializes in small business manangement.Individuals and regions specialize because productive efficiency is thereby enhanced.specialization (also specialisation British English) noun [countable, uncountable]Specialization may be a drawback for those who lose their jobs.→ See Verb table