From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspecialspe‧cial1 /ˈspeʃəl/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective 1 UNUSUALDIFFERENTnot ordinary or usual, but different in some way and often better or more important a special place in the classroom for reading No one receives special treatment. Maria’s special recipe for apple pie The good china was used only on special occasions. Each village has its own special charm.anything/something/nothing special Are you doing anything special for Christmas?2 IMPORTANTparticularly important to someone and deserving attention, love etc a party with a few special friends a teacher who made every child feel special Her second son had a special place in her heart.3 [only before noun] a special position or job has a particular purpose or aim, and continues only until that purpose or aim is achieved Mitchell acted as a special envoy in the Northern Ireland peace talks.4 MORE/EXTRA[only before noun] more than usual SYN particular Pay special attention to how you clean the wound.
Examples from the Corpus
special"Are you doing anything this weekend?" "No, nothing special."Of my nine gold medals, this one is the most special.I don't want an ordinary wedding. I want something special.There was nothing special about her life at the recreation camps; only her death was special.Did you do anything special at the weekend?Since Sussex offered the most direct line of communication with Normandy, it received special attention.There is one special boy I care about.Prisoners are only allowed to visit their families in special circumstances.A special committee was formed to study various bridge designs.Lianne's doctor put her on a special diet and told her to exercise regularly.Bob's been on a special diet since his heart attack.Let us know if you have any special dietary needs in advance.I made a special effort to be nice to him.No special equipment is needed to install the heater.I would only buy expensive shoes for a special event such as a wedding.Jane's bringing a very special friend of hers to the party.Joe has a special gift for mathematics.They are special in international law, very special.I only wear this suit on special occasions, like weddings.a book of recipes for every day and special occasions tooHe has a dark suit, which he only wears on special occasions.It involved the pupils, teachers and parents of three schools - one special, one primary and one secondary school.Is there any special reason why I should let you borrow my car?Only visitors and VIPs got that special reception.On July 1,1849, President Herrera called a special session of Congress to consider the questions of public finance.Ann's making her special spaghetti sauce.She had a special talent for learning languages.Disabled facilities are provided in the toilets at Dalby and there is a special wheelchair walk at Staindale Lake.anything/something/nothing specialA roll call of just some of our people who have achieved something special.Certainly, I knew I had found something special.Movie comedies should offer something special.Players and fans at the game see nothing special.In one sense, there is nothing special about it.Share your positive attitude with others Doing something special for another person is the best way to shake off negative feelings.So, whether you're saving for something special or for a rainy day, you can start earning interest straightaway.Having a couple of friends over to do something special, or go to some favorite place together, is one thing.feel specialAny reasonably proficient man can make a woman feel special.It boils down to whether we want to pursue the truth or chase after unfounded beliefs that make us feel special.It was I who needed to feel special.The Trevino era has been a special time of my life and he's made me feel special.All of us should feel special and that we matter.He gave me a way to feel special by using my mind.Students who too often are written off as average have been made to feel special, capable, and directed.When they first met, Giles had made her feel special, cherished and cared for.
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specialspecial2 noun [countable usually singular] 1 DIFFERENTUNUSUALsomething that is not usual or ordinary, and is made or done for a special purpose a TV special on the election2 BBTCHEAP especially American English a lower price than usual for a particular product for a short period of time SYN special offer a lunch special for $4.99be on special Breyer’s ice cream is on special this week.
Examples from the Corpus
specialIn addition to the regular menu, daily specials are offered.Open all day with drink specials.A chalkboard with scribbled house specials changes daily.Today's lunch special is smoked salmon with rice.EastEnders has occasional specials in which two people, nearly always women, talk about birth or copulation or death.However, a number of specials are worth making.We have Bud beer 6-packs on special at $5.The specials, publicized only on the Internet and good for weekend getaways, are far lower than any other fares.We watched an interesting TV special on coyotes in Yellowstone Park.be on specialShe was respectfully requested to keep the fact he is on special assignment to herself and her immediate family.
From King Business Dictionaryspecialspe‧cial1 /ˈspeʃəl/ adjective1not ordinary or usual but different in some way and often better or more importantThey’re doing a special promotion on digital cameras.Special bonuses were paid to top executives.2used to describe someone who has had a position specially created for themHe accepted the appointment as special adviser on National Security Affairs.a special assistant to the directorspecialspecial2 noun [countable, uncountable] informalCOMMERCE a lower price than usual for a particular product for a short period of timespecial onThis month, the bar will have a special on wine by the glass.Breyer’s ice-cream is on special this week.Origin special1 (1100-1200) Old French especial, from Latin specialis particular, from species; SPECIES