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sparklingspark‧ling /ˈspɑːklɪŋ $ ˈspɑːr-/ adjective 1 SHINEshining brightly with points of flashing light a sparkling blue lake2 very clean, and seeming to shine brightly a sparkling white beach a sparkling clean kitchen3 DFDa sparkling drink has bubbles of gas in it SYN fizzy a glass of sparkling wine4 ldoce_318.png INTELLIGENTfull of life and intelligence Claire’s sparkling personality
Examples from the Corpus
sparklingsparkling apple juiceAnd hautecuisine served amid crisp table linen and sparkling glassware and china.a bottle of sparkling mineral waterThe hall had a sparkling past in its City location.a sparkling personalityBoth videos are sparkling situation comedies written especially for adult and young adult learners.Excelsior Bay Honeymoon and silver anniversary couples receive a bottle of sparkling wine and flowers or fruit.At the Hermitage and Augustus they receive a bottle of sparkling wine and fruit.This summer we've an exciting competition for every fan of sparkling wine.a sweet, sparkling wineFull-bodied, sweet or sparkling wines can be drunk at a cooler temperature.sparkling cleanIn fact, we have 50 long years of experience making business environments sparkling clean.Lucite or Plexiglas are wonderful, just as long as you keep the surfaces sparkling clean.Three hours later the little flat was sparkling clean.