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spacecraftspace‧craft /ˈspeɪs-krɑːft $ -kræft/ noun (plural spacecraft) [countable] space_shuttle.jpg TTSa vehicle that is able to travel in space
Examples from the Corpus
spacecraftNova was developing in parallel as a booster capable of hurling a spacecraft to the Moon on a direct flight mission.Short-term forecasts are required day-to-day in spacecraft management for orbit prediction.From 1960 to 1965 the Soviets launched twenty-six known spacecraft into deep space.Only incoming or outgoing spacecraft were allowed in its air-space.Of the production run of nine, only three Ranger spacecraft remained.The astronauts were more than 13,000 miles from the spacecraft when they lifted off early Thursday.Mission designers are very thorough in eliminating any excess weight from the spacecraft.Over the next hours the spacecraft is in free fall toward the lunar surface, constantly accelerating in the lunar gravity.