Word family noun south southerner adjective south southerly southern southbound southernmost adverb south southward(s) southbound
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
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southernsouth‧ern, Southern /ˈsʌðən $ -ərn/ ●●● S2 W2 adjective (written abbreviation S) SGin or from the south of a country or area a southern accent Southern Italy
Examples from the Corpus
southernThe southern authority area is dominated by a heavily populated conurbation.Once into the southern hemisphere the lines of latitude would become shorter and finally vanish at the south pole.southern MexicoThe rivers of the southern plains are dry much of their length, much of the year.Since the election, a series of demonstrations had taken place in the southern port city of Masan, an anti-Rhee stronghold.It was southern secession that precipitated emancipation and an end to federal support of slavery.Five lived in the southern sector of the city.It was April, and already the heavy southern sun dominated the sky.