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songsong /sɒŋ $ sɒːŋ/ ●●● S1 W2 noun 1 music with words a) [countable]APM a short piece of music with words that you sing We used to listen to pop songs on the radio. They sat round with guitars, singing songs. b) [uncountable]APM songs in general The bravery of past warriors was celebrated in song.2 birds [countable, uncountable]HBBAPM the musical sounds made by birds and some other animals such as whales the song of the lark3 for a song4 a song and dance (about something)COLLOCATIONSverbssing a songHe started singing a little a song (=with singing and musical instruments)The band played a lot of their old songs.perform a song (=in public)He doesn’t like performing his songs live.write/compose a songDo they write their own songs?record a song (=onto a CD so that it can be sold)The song was first recorded in 1982.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + songgood/greatThat’s a great song!newAre any of the songs on the album new?oldPeople always want to hear their old songs.a pop/folk songI love all those '60s pop songs.a popular song (=used mainly of songs written before the 1960s)a popular song from the 1930sa love songHe is releasing an album of love songs for Valentine’s Day.a protest songThey were singing old protest songs from the 1960s.a Beatles/REM etc songCan you play any Beatles songs?phrasesburst/break into song (=start singing)The crowd spontaneously burst into song.THESAURUSsong a short piece of music with words that you singWe sang songs around the campfire.The song was written by John Lennon.track one of the songs on a CD or recordTrack three is my favourite one.number a song that forms part of a performance of several songsThe show was brilliant, from the opening number to the end.tune the notes in a song, without the wordsI recognize the tune, but I can’t remember what it’s called.melody the main series of notes in a piece of music that has several parts which are played togetherThe song has a simple melody and beautiful lyrics.verse a set of sentences that make up one part of a songShe sang the first verse of ‘Amazing Grace’.chorus a set of sentences in a song that is repeated after each verseMost of the kids were able to join in the chorus.types of songnational anthem the official song of a country, which is sung or played on public occasionsBefore the match, everyone stood up to sing the national anthem.hymn /hɪm/ a religious song that is sung in a churchWhat hymns did you choose for your wedding?At funerals people often sing the hymn ‘Abide with Me’.carol a traditional Christmas songWe went around the houses, singing carols.folk song a traditional song from a particular areaan old Mexican folk songballad a long folk song which tells a storya traditional ballad about a man who is dreaming of his home in Irelandlullaby a slow quiet song sung to children to make them go to sleepShe sat by the child’s bed, softly singing a lullaby.
Examples from the Corpus
songSix monologues and a comic song to finish with had the audience roaring with laughter.Linda brought him a book of easy songs.The students played guitars and sang folk songs.The story of America's independence has been celebrated in song.Birds are bred by crossing champions, to try to guarantee a high quality of song.That's a pretty song - where did you learn it?a recording of the swallow's songIn the evenings we'd sit around the campfire and sing songs.To please Sinterklaas the children sing special songs and lay down carrots and other food for his horse.Tom turned his eyes from the paper and started singing the song from Don Giovanni that is always called the Champagne Aria.The song "Yesterday" is one of the most often recorded songs in the world.They traded songs and combined voices into old-time Delmore Brothers harmonies.
Origin song Old English sang