From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsolitarysol‧i‧ta‧ry1 /ˈsɒlətəri $ ˈsɑːləteri/ ●○○ adjective 1 [only before noun]ONLY used to emphasize that there is only one of something SYN single the solitary goal of the match The benches were empty except for a single solitary figure.2 ALONEdoing something without anyone else with you a long, solitary walk3 ALONEspending a lot of time alone, usually because you like being alone OPP sociable a solitary man Pandas are solitary creatures. He led a rather solitary existence.4 not a solitary word/thing etcsolitarily adverbsolitariness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
solitaryNormally solitary characters, after infection these animals lived in harmony with each other, mating and raising many pups.It isn't a solitary clunker that produced a 103-85 loss to the Miami Heat that is offensive.The larvae live in kin groups and are aposematic, while the adults disperse to live a solitary existence and are cryptic.I could see a solitary figure outlined against the horizon.A solitary figure stood at the end of the bar.There was one solitary hotel left standing after the earthquake.Ed enjoys the solitary life of a rancher.A solitary light shone in the street.He looked pleased: a solitary man, by the look of him, one who cherished his privacy.Gimson was a deeply solitary man with a contradictory need for close male friendships.Hamilton was described as a solitary man.She pulls the Datsun over and enjoys her first solitary moment since her arrival.Even his hobbies were the solitary pursuits of hunting and fishing.A solitary tear escaped his eye, and he cursed himself for it.Helena took long solitary walks to the lake.She was a very solitary woman who didn't make friends easily.
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solitarysolitary2 noun (plural solitaries) 1 [uncountable] informalSCJ solitary confinement He spent two weeks in solitary.2 [countable] British English literaryALONE someone who lives completely alone SYN hermit
Examples from the Corpus
solitaryThen shepherds - but shepherds are solitaries.When he left the infirmary he was due to spend two weeks in solitary.Judge orders confiscation of smuggler's £1.5m assets Drugs baron faces 15 years in solitary.The gods of the field incline with the solitaries of the study.
Origin solitary1 (1300-1400) Latin solitarius, from solitas solitude, from solus; SOLE1