Word family noun solid solidarity solidity solids solidification adjective solid verb solidify adverb solidly
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solidsol‧id1 /ˈsɒlɪd $ ˈsɑː-/ ●●● S3 W3 adjective 1 firm/hardHARD hard or firm, with a fixed shape, and not a liquid or gas The lake was frozen solid. It was good to be back on solid ground again. Is the baby eating solid food (=bread, meat etc) yet? The ship’s sonar can detect the presence of solid objects in the water.see thesaurus at hard2 only one materialPURE consisting completely of one type of materialsolid gold/silver etc a solid gold cupsolid wood/pine/oak etc a chest made of solid oak3 not hollowTOGETHER having no holes or spaces inside OPP hollow a solid rubber ball a shrine carved out of solid rock4 without spaces continuous, without any spaces or breaks It’s not safe to pass when the lines in the middle of the road are solid.5 strongly madeSTRONG OBJECT strong and well made OPP flimsy a solid piece of furniture The frame is as solid as a rock (=extremely solid). 6 good and long-lastingGOOD/EXCELLENT a solid achievement or solid work is of real, practical, and continuing value five years of solid achievement The first two years provide a solid foundation in the basics of computing.7 dependable someone or something that is solid can be depended on or trusted SYN sound a solid reputation The prosecution in this case has no solid evidence. You can rely on Wylie for good solid advice. a solid Labour stronghold (=where people always vote for this party)8 continuing without interruption informalCONTINUOUS used to emphasize that something continues for a long time without any pauses The lecture lasted two solid hours.five hours/two weeks etc solid On Saturday I went to bed and slept fourteen hours solid.9 packed solid10 on solid ground11 good British English informal good12 difficult British English informal very difficult I couldn’t do any of the maths last night – it was solid. 13 shape technicalHM having length, width, and height SYN three-dimensional A sphere is a solid figure.14 be solidsolidly adverb solidly builtsolidness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
solidHe rapped his knuckles against the body of the sink unit. It was as solid as a rock.During winter the lake became a solid block of ice.The figure was carved out of a solid block of wood.a solid chocolate bunnySolid colors would be more flattering than stripes.She had it dribble with solid drops of wine.The table seemed solid enough, so I climbed up onto it.Is the baby eating solid foods yet?a solid gold necklacea solid green backgroundFor centuries people have scoured the solid ground in search of the causes of these catastrophic events.Similarly, when Dole asserts that Clinton reduced the office of drug czar by 83 percent, he is on solid ground.I was so seasick that it was a relief to be back on solid ground.After eight solid hours of driving, I was exhausted.Nobody really wants to sit through four solid hours of someone else's wedding video.rows of solid little houses built of local stoneThe antiques dealer guessed that the furniture was Victorian and solid mahogany.Already they've scaled up their fluid star-burst psychedelia into something that sounds more suited to outdoor festivals than stuffed solid mini-venues.Wegman's writing combines solid reporting with a sense of humor.a company with a solid reputationWe have reached a level at which you see a solid round of profit-taking.However, because of the two dithiadiazole functionalities at either end of the molecule, the solid state structure is polymeric rather than dimeric.The door was made of solid steel.The doors of the church seemed less solid than the doors of his father's house.The marchers were met by a solid wall of police officers.This is solid work, the main essay in particular.solid objectsAnd why are their legs so easily detached by seemingly light collisions with solid objects?It is suggested that the bat hears echoes of its own squeaks rebounding from solid objects.Like a laser beam, he could pass through solid objects.The system would treat both images as solid objects.In fact, vibrations travel through solid objects at fixed speeds, just as sound travels through air at a fixed speed.The creation of apparently real, solid objects by means of detailed mathematical modelling.The signals reflected back from solid objects like these skulls form an image which can be enhanced by a computer.Sound waves travel more easily through solid objects than through the air.solid wood/pine/oak etcThe earliest glazing bars were quite thick, as they were hand cut from solid wood.The village will be made of solid oak and then exported, flat-pack style, to Tokyo.Occasionally, some one would use butcher block, solid wood, copper, stainless steel, marble or some other exotic surface.She flung open the solid pine door, standing aside for Jane and Robert to enter.His cell was eight by fifteen with a solid oak door supported by steel bands.Passing discreetly through the solid wood of the garage door he slid right into the skulking Omally.The graceful brass plated trimmings and finials are complemented here by the solid pine Osborne surround.A solid wood stem and mahogany floors and stiffeners complete the basic construction which has been particularly cleanly executed by West Custom.solid as a rockIt was as solid as rock.The door was solid as rock.Skipper Alan Kernaghan again led by example, with Nicky Mohan solid as a rock alongside him.It was simply not admissible that something as blatantly solid as a rock could have come from the heavens.solid foundationLocal autonomy thus rested upon a solid foundation.Much like any brick or block wall, an interlocking block wall needs a solid foundation.Such a person lived and, in a sense floated on the air, without a solid foundation.City: Property without solid foundations Bricks and mortar were once thought to be be as good as money in the bank.Decayed, warped and neglected, it stood proudly on its solid foundations, displaying a still sturdy brick frame.We have a solid foundation for a global PC business.They had a solid foundation in reading, writing, math, and other core skills.At the end of the first week you will have a solid foundation on which to build in future weeks.They dug solid foundations, spending a lot of time pouring concrete into four pits.solid evidenceAnd then, the prior's reluctant to make any accusations against Isambard but on good, solid evidence.So much solid evidence and no research carried out whatever.There is little solid evidence, as yet, to answer such a question with confidence.The investigators could not find any solid evidence of a crime.In fact, we have little solid evidence of the effects of earlier waves of unemployment on old people.She didn't trust him, but without solid evidence she had no way of proving he was double-dealing.
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solidsolid2 ●○○ noun 1 [countable]HCTHING a firm object or substance that has a fixed shape, not a gas or liquid the properties of liquids and solids2 solids3 [countable] technical the part of a liquid which has the qualities of a solid when it is separated from the solvent (=watery part)4 [countable] technicalHMCF a shape which has length, width, and height, such as a sphere or cylinderplane
Examples from the Corpus
solidWater changes from a liquid to a solid when it freezes.Notice that the magnitudes of the values for solids are much greater than those for gases.The conducting properties of solids vary widely.Whether you prefer solids or stripes, polo shirts are big for school this fall.These solids are said to be amorphous.However, unlike solids, the attractive forces are not sufficient to hold the particles together in a regular structure.
Origin solid1 (1300-1400) Old French solide, from Latin solidus