From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsoarsoar /sɔː $ sɔːr/ ●○○ verb [intransitive] 1 amounts/prices etcINCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNT to increase quickly to a high level OPP plummet Her temperature soared. The price of petrol has soared in recent weeks. soaring unemploymentsee thesaurus at increase2 in the sky a) UPto fly, especially very high up in the sky, floating on air currents She watched the dove soar above the chestnut trees. b) UPto go quickly upwards to a great height The ball soared to left field.3 spirits/hopesINCREASE IN ACTIVITY, FEELINGS ETC if your spirits (=the way you are feeling, for example happy, sad etc) or hopes soar, you begin to feel very happy or hopeful OPP sink Adam’s smile sent her spirits soaring.4 look tall [not in progressive]HIGH if buildings, trees, towers etc soar, they look very tall and impressive SYN tower Here the cliffs soar a hundred feet above the sea. a soaring skyscraper→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
soarIn the last year, discourse has deteriorated, and partisanship has soared.Adam's smile sent her spirits soaring.In Montreal, gleaming office towers soar above 18th-century cathedrals.An eagle soared above us.Bonds soared, as the 10-year government bond yield fell 9 basis points to 8. 24.The result is that family income has soared at the top and fallen at the bottom.The snow goose flew down low over the field and then soared back up gracefully.In the first year of peace, Lebanon's GDP soared by almost 40%.But the $ 86 billion F-22 program has been plagued with mismanagement, design flaws and soaring costs.The ball soared high into the air.The price of a Kalashnikov has soared in just a few days from $ 50 to about $ 250 Tuesday.Beyond the river, which was wide and hasty in spate, Llan-fawr soared into cloud.The cost of a business Website can soar into millions of dollars.The space shuttle soared into orbit.Temperatures soared into the nineties.Keep a look out too for buzzards soaring over the crags which surround you, and also for the odd kestrel.soaring real estate pricesLast year, the drugs haul soared to 130,00 tablets.The death toll soars to 376 in Chicago from last week's heat wave.The temperature soared to 90°.sent ... spirits soaringAnd that was the marvel that sent my spirits soaring!But it was not just the short-lived weather which sent spirits soaring.It should have sent her spirits soaring, but it didn't, because wasn't need just another aspect of lust?
From King Business Dictionarysoarsoar /sɔːsɔːr/ verb [intransitive] to increase quickly to a high levelBeef demand soared due to Americans adopting high protein diets.soaring adjective [only before a noun]Despite soaring prices, business is good.→ See Verb tableOrigin soar (1300-1400) Old French essorer, from Vulgar Latin exaurare, from Latin aura air