Word family noun slip slipper slippage slipperiness adjective slippery verb slip
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishslipperyslip‧per‧y /ˈslɪpəri/ ●●○ adjective 1 SLIDEsomething that is slippery is difficult to hold, walk on etc because it is wet or greasy In places, the path can be wet and slippery. Harry’s palms were slippery with sweat.2 informalTRUST# someone who is slippery cannot be trusted Martin is a slippery customer (=someone you should not trust) so be careful what you say to him.3 not having one clear meaning and able to be understood in different ways the slippery notion of ‘standards’4 (be on) a/the slippery slopeslipperiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
slipperyBe careful - the floor is very slippery.I've put the finger on seven members of the ring since lunch, but the big guy is slippery.Notice how meaning becomes more and more slippery as we move from one layer to the next.a slippery economic problemWell, the whole leaf, shaped like a cup with slippery edges, is like a stomach.Barnett swung away from the bar, his hand finding the slippery handle of the knife.A slippery liquid with curing powers is said to flow from near her tomb.Dean lost control of his car on a slippery road.These boots give a good grip, even on slippery rocks.a slippery salespersonYou do not even need anything as obvious as a party to start you on this slippery slope.They looked like nurse and patient, managing the slippery steps.In places, the towpath is slippery with mud.slippery customerMartin's a slippery customer, a very nasty slippery customer.Far left: The Butterfish is literally a slippery customer and very hard to catch.
Origin slippery (1500-1600) slipper slippery ((11-19 centuries)), from Old English slipor