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skysky /skaɪ/ ●●● S2 W2 noun (plural skies) 1 DN[singular, uncountable] the space above the Earth where clouds and the Sun and stars appear The sky grew dark, and a cold rain began to fall. A shooting star sped across the night the sky There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.2 skies3 the sky’s the limit pie in the sky at pie(4), → praise somebody/something to the skies at praise1(1)COLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2ADJECTIVES/NOUN + skyblueThe sky was blue and the sun was shining.grey British English, gray American English:Rain was starting to fall from the grey sky.dark/blackFireworks burst up into the dark sky.cloudy/dull/overcast (=with clouds)Cloudy skies were forecast.bright/clear/cloudless (=without clouds)The sun rose higher in the cloudless literary (=bright blue)The sun shone out of a clear azure sky.leaden/lowering literary (=with a lot of grey cloud)The leaden skies cleared and the sun came out.a starry sky (=with a lot of stars)We had dinner on the terrace under a beautiful starry sky.the darkening sky (=becoming darker)Benjamin stared up at the darkening sky.the lightening sky (=becoming lighter)A plane flew across the lightening sky.the night/evening/morning skyThe moon is the brightest object visible in the night sky.the summer/winter skyHer eyes were as blue as the summer sky.the open sky (=a large area of sky)They lay on the ground under the open sky.a big sky (=a sky that looks large)Montana is still a land of big skies.verbsthe sky darkensThe sky darkened and thunder rolled in from the west.the sky clouds over (=clouds appear)The sky was beginning to cloud over.the sky clears (=the clouds disappear)By dawn the sky had cleared.
Examples from the Corpus
skyShe ran through the last few streets and saw with relief the familiar tall building rising against the night sky.Just being in the same sky with them made me nervous.We all share the same sky and the same passion, which is to see our joint projects take to the air.Yolanda looks up at the sky.The darker the sky, the better chance of seeing the comet, he said.The island has no roads, one cellular phone and a fresh water supply that comes from the sky.The rocket shot up into the sky.Two searchlights came on, brilliant sticks of light, prodding the sky.The sky turned dark just before the storm.The sky is full of tears the skySeconds later sunlight flashed on metal and the aircraft appeared in the skies above them.A twilight Saturday show will feature light displays in the skies.There is menace in the sky.The next he knew there was a shape in the sky to his left, moving fast towards him a little from below.Everything was new to me: every smell was strange, every star in the sky seemed unfamiliar.Perfect streets, but up in the sky.I can not locate the bird, but I have the impression it is flying continuously high up in the sky.When the shiny silver B-29s were in the sky, we children ran inside our homes immediately.
SkySky see Sky TVOrigin sky (1200-1300) Old Norse cloud