Word family noun skill deskilling adjective skilful/skillful skilledunskilled verb deskill adverb skilfully/skillfully
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishskilfulskil‧ful British English, skillful American English /ˈskɪlfəl/ ●●● W2 adjective 1 GOOD ATgood at doing something, especially something that needs special ability or training a skilful footballerskilful at (doing) something After a few years, he became very skilful at drawing.2 GOOD ATmade or done very well, showing a lot of ability the skilful use of sound effects sensitive and skillful leadershipskilfully adverb She had used make-up skilfully to mask the bruise.THESAURUSskilful British English, skillful American English good at doing something, especially something that needs special ability or traininga skilful playerthe artist's skillful use of colorSuccess in business depends on skilful management.good at something able to do something wellMaria is extremely good at her job.He was very good at swimming.I'm not very good at Maths.skilled having a lot of training and experience, and able to do a job wellThere is a demand for carpenters and other skilled craftsmen.The country needs highly skilled foreign workers.Our advisors are skilled at dealing with financial problems.talented having a natural ability to do something wella talented artistShe's an exceptionally talented student.gifted having a great natural ability, which few people havea gifted writera gifted playera special school for gifted childrenvery skilfulaccomplished very skilful because you have had a lot of experience of doing something – used especially about musicians, artists, performers etca highly accomplished pianistShe is one of the most accomplished theatre performers.She's a popular dancer, and very extremely skilful and having a lot of knowledge about doing somethingHe was an expert skier.Students learn to cook French food with the help of expert chefs.Politicians are expert at deflecting criticism.virtuoso [only before noun] extremely skilful and impressive – used especially about musicians, performers, or performancesa virtuoso violinistThe team gave a virtuoso performance in the final.
Examples from the Corpus
skilfulWe both employed local Arussi as trackers, some of whom were very skilful and all of whom were tireless.Skilful and confident, Donaldson should become one of the game's best players.Fanciful though this may sound, Blackburn is a skilful and subtle enough writer to pull it off.But the Schuberts are a skilful bunch - real grown-up musicians with a fantastic sense of performance.With one fierce and skilful kick of his aching foot he will mend a deep concavity in the refrigerator's flank.Success in business depends on skilful management.Finally we were told that a team had been formed but that it contained no skilful players, we remained sceptical!He established Swindon as one of the most skilful sides outside the top flight before a frustrating switch to Tyneside.Just as only a caterpillar can become a butterfly, the formal stage seems a necessary developmental step to the skilful stage.Sembene Ousmane is a story-teller and a skilful writer who can carry you along with the drama and the atmosphere regardless of subject.skilful at (doing) somethingIn this sense they have become highly skilful at enacting such rules.