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sitesite1 /saɪt/ ●●● S1 W2 AWL noun [countable] 1 PLACEa place where something important or interesting happened an archaeological sitesite of The house is built on the site of a medieval prison. the site of the air crashsee thesaurus at place2 TBCan area of ground where something is being built or will be builtsite of/for the site of a proposed missile base a site for a new airportbuilding/construction site He managed to get himself a job on a building site.3 DLOa place that is used for a particular purpose a camping sitesite of/for a nesting site for birds4 a website5 on siteCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 1,2 & 3ADJECTIVES/NOUN + site an archaeological siteArchaeological sites are often discovered by accident.a historic siteThere are numerous historic sites to ancient siteThe organization maintains and restores ancient sites, castles, monuments etc.a sacred site (=a place that is important in a religion)Ayers Rock is the most sacred site of the Aborigines.a burial siteA Bronze Age burial site has been discovered. the crash site (=where a plane etc crashed)Wreckage was seen 200 metres away from the crash site.a bomb site (=where a bomb has exploded)the bomb sites of war-torn Londona building/construction siteHe has worked on various building sites.a greenfield site British English (=a piece of land that has never been built on)We want to shift the balance of housing development from greenfield to brownfield sites.a brownfield site British English (=a piece of land that has been built on before)The majority of the houses will be built on brownfield sites.a camp/camping siteFirst they had to look for a camp site.a caravan site British English:A well-run caravan site near the river brings holidaymakers into the village.a landfill site (=where rubbish is buried)Recycling reduces the volume of waste which goes into landfill industrial site (=where factories are)The area is to be redeveloped as an industrial site.a missile siteThere were photos of a missile site under construction.a nesting siteNormally the male swan won’t let other swans near his nesting site.
Examples from the Corpus
siteThe town has purchased a site on Villa Avenue for the new library.As I mentioned in my recent phone call the best site for it is the Mill Yard, as last year.Mobile phone calls have to be routed through a cell site, and telephones search for the nearest site with available capacity.a construction siteGreen fences were put up around the construction site.a historical siteAll were suggested as possible sites for travellers.A home for the elderly will be built on the site of the old hospital.The first chapel of the Independents was built on the site in 1705.And there are costs with running the site.The looms were used in local cottages, and warehouses occupied much of this site.Most of our rubbish goes to sites like this one at Sutton Courtenay in ofthe site of a Civil War battlebuilding/construction siteThis seems to them more like a building site than a City office.Who wan na haul bricks on a construction site for a dollar and a quarter an hour?Empty building sites have been reclaimed and replanted.On farms, building sites, in factories and hospitals there are dangers to be understood and avoided.All over the city are huge building sites where the sun pours into vast craters.Moreover, the company establishes mobile child-care units to assist workers in its construction sites.Over the years these walkabouts have led to a stream of inventions that now pepper construction sites all over the city.They walked along the tall wooden fence that cut the construction site off from the avenue. site of/forIn many ways the Settlement movement of the 1880s and 1890s provided test sites for these initiatives.Gloucester is being used as a testing site for radar ground probing.Shipbuilding had always been important to Saltash, which was chosen as the site for a Royal Naval base and dockyard.We cooked our dinner and departed to the bar on the site for a last night celebration.Through town towards the site of the Fourth of July celebrations.During his childhood, the area was the site of several tanning factories which emptied their waste products into the River Bievre.And I have recently started using my web site for posting brief responses to papers that discuss my work.
sitesite2 ●○○ verb [transitive] PLACEto place or build something in a particular placebe sited in/on/at/near etc something Some of this new housing has been sited in inner city areas.Grammar Site is usually passive.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
siteFirst, the space available for siting the greenhouse.Do check on wind direction when siting your sited in/on/at/near etc somethingAnd the supermarket Jacques had mentioned was sited on the outskirts of town, she discovered.In June 1990, the Bundestag determined that the bank should be sited in Frankfurt.In the meantime, it is essential that the collection is sited in a room where adequate supervision can be exercised.It is sited in the middle of the city, surrounded by residential and commercial development.It was no accident that a good many towns were sited on the borderline between arable farming and pastoral regions.The Soviet Union also provided a small experimental nuclear reactor, which was sited at Yongbyon.The water mill was sited at Mill beck and it continued in use until the 1860s.
From King Business Dictionarysitesite1 /saɪt/ noun [countable]1PROPERTYan area of ground that is used or is going to be used for a particular purposeOn any building site, falling is the most frequent type of accident.The Sunnyvale City Council last week approved a 186-unit apartment complex on the 4.5 acre site.Solectron employs 2,200 people at sites in San Jose and Milpitas. brownfield site greenfield site work site2COMPUTINGa WEBSITE (=place on the Internet where you can find information about something) destination sitesitesite2 verb be sited in/near etcPROPERTY be placed or built in a particular areaThe new factory is to be sited in Fort Collins.siting noun [singular]The siting of electricity facilities and their emissions to the atmosphere both raise questions that are becoming more difficult to resolve.→ See Verb tableOrigin site1 (1300-1400) Old French Latin situs, from sinere to leave, put