Word family noun simplicity simplification simpleton adjective simple simplistic verb simplify adverb simply simplistically
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsimplesim‧ple /ˈsɪmpəl/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective (comparative simpler, superlative simplest) 1 easyEASY not difficult or complicated to do or understand a simple but effective solution to the problem There is no simple answer to this question. I’m sure there’s a perfectly simple explanation.simple to use/make/operate etc Modern cameras are very simple to use.relatively/fairly/quite etc simple There are relatively simple exercises to build strength. We want to keep the costumes as simple as possible. We can’t pay people any more money until the company is more profitable. I’m afraid it’s as simple as that.see thesaurus at easy2 plainSIMPLE/PLAIN made in a plain style, without a lot of decoration or unnecessary things added She dressed with simple elegance. simple but delicious food a building constructed in a simple classic style3 only [usually before noun]SIMPLE/NOT COMPLICATED used to emphasize that only one thing is involved Completing the race is not just a simple matter of physical fitness. The simple fact is, he’s not very good at his job. Their motive was greed, pure and simple.4 not having many partsSIMPLE/NOT COMPLICATED made or built of only a few parts, and not having a complicated structure It’s a very simple machine. They evolved from simple life forms that existed millions of years ago.5 ordinaryORDINARY honest and ordinary and not special in any way Joe was just a simple farmer. 6 grammar technical simple tenses are not formed with an auxiliary such as ‘have’ or ‘be’7 the simple life8 stupid [not before noun]STUPID/NOT INTELLIGENT someone who is simple is not very intelligent I’m afraid Luke’s a bit simple.COLLOCATIONSadverbsvery/extremely/incredibly simpleI came up with a very simple answer to this problem.relatively/fairly/quite simpleThe rules are quite simple.deceptively simple (=seeming simple, but in fact complicated or difficult)It’s a deceptively simple idea, but it’s very difficult to put into practice.perfectly simpleWell? It’s a perfectly simple question.phrasessimple to use/make/operate etcThe machine is very simple to use.simple but effectiveAny child’s behaviour can be improved by this simple but effective technique.keep something simpleKeep your explanation as simple as possible.
Examples from the Corpus
simpleThe secret of successful dinner parties? Keep it simple.I like this recipe because it's so simple.Even the simple act of eating dinner together can make an evening special.She wore a simple black dress.a simple black dressBilly was a very simple boy.The meal was simple, but delicious.To the simple call of justice, there are a number of possible objections.She liked the building's simple, clean lines.The above equation is the next simplest correction, using a non- unit power of the size attribute.The chicken was served with a simple cream sauce.Remember when packing was a simple exercise?There must be a perfectly simple explanation.I'm sure there's a perfectly simple explanation.She drew us a simple map so that we wouldn't get lost.simple organisms such as bacteriaIn front a simple porch offered a spectacular vista of coconut-fringed beach, lagoon, and open sea beyond.He couldn't even answer very simple questions.Milk is cheap now for one simple reason: there's too much of it available.Salads on the other hand, are simple, satisfying and sizable.The simple sieves we have been considering so far in this chapter are all examples of single-step selection.His children find European numbering simpler than the Chinese system.Many vegetarian meals are delicious and simple to prepare.The new photocopier is much simpler to use than the one we had before.The tribes of Central New Guinea use very simple tools such as hammers and axes.Only the simpler, uglier land mine has shed more blood.Speak slowly and use simple words so that everyone’s as simple as thatJust call her up - it's as simple as that.I don't trust anyone as far as I could throw them: it's as simple as that.I shall run away, Lily had thought then, it's as simple as that.If they cause trouble with me I cause trouble with them it's as simple as that.That's all there is, it's as simple as that.The relative prosperity of the town does not justify Development Area status it's as simple as that.What's missing is a genuinely creative interest in local talent, it's as simple as that.pure and simpleBut more subtle problems remain-related to sexism, pure and simple.If they lived in the Middle East they were bad, pure and simple.The bottom line is in the ledger book, pure and simple.The man wants revenge, pure and simple, and he's working logically through the family, saving Stone until last.The first is pure and simple file transfer.A gratuitous promise, pure and simple, remains unenforceable unless given under seal.But lineage pure and simple was not the only consideration.
Origin simple (1200-1300) Old French plain, uncomplicated, from Latin simplus, from sim- one + -plus multiplied by