Word family noun similaritydissimilarity adjective similardissimilar adverb similarly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsimilaritysim‧i‧lar‧i‧ty /ˌsɪməˈlærəti/ ●●○ AWL noun (plural similarities) [countable, uncountable]LIKE/SIMILAR if there is a similarity between two things or people, they are similar in some way OPP differencelikenesssimilarity between There are some striking similarities between the two plays.similarity to the song’s close similarity to traditional Jewish music The present crisis bears some similarity to the oil crisis of the 1970s.similarity of the similarity of their namessimilarity in I was struck by the similarities in their early lives.similarity with The police are checking for similarities with other recent attacks in the area. There are similarities with German, though Yiddish is a distinct language. They are both blonde, but there the similarity ends.COLLOCATIONSadjectivesa remarkable/striking/marked similarity (=one that is very noticeable)This ape's facial expressions show remarkable similarities to ours.a close/great/strong similarityThere was a close similarity between his and Smith's views on education.a certain similarity (=a particular similarity)There are certain similarities between the two theories.a superficial similarity (=one in which an obvious feature of two things is similar, but other features are not similar)the superficial similarities between animal behaviour and human behaviouran apparent similarity (=one that seems similar but really is not)Many apparent similarities became less convincing on closer examination.verbsthere is a similarity between thingsThere are lots of similarities between the two bikes.bear a/some similarity to something (=be like something)The murder bore a striking similarity to another shooting 25 miles away.have similarities (=be similar)The two towns have many similarities (=be obviously similar)Twins who are raised apart still show similarities in their behaviour.the similarity ends (=there are no other similarities)Both artists work on a small scale, but there the similarity ends.
Examples from the Corpus
similarityHere, however, all similarity between the piece Lucien was familiar with and what he saw being performed before him ended.However hard modern choreographers may try there are bound to be similarities to older ballets because their vocabulary is not limitless.The book classifies cheeses by similarities in flavour, rather than by ingredients.There is one important similarity between the two political systems.We were able to tell the date of the statue because of its similarity with other statues of that period.When comparing cultures, we often pay attention only to the differences without noticing the many similarities.Between these two mosaics, however, there are few obvious similarities of motif.In Repertory Grid the notion of similarity and contrast, indeed the whole idea of making connections, is paramount.A relationship of similarity rather than identity between Zeus and the cosmos is found.We are misled by that similarity into thinking there is no difference.For generations, scientists and science-fiction writers talked about the similarity of Mars to Earth.Kraut's study looked at the similarities and differences among managerial jobs.The author notes the similarity between Western and Chinese principles and sees them as having a common basis in science.Apart from these similarities they could not be more different.Objects are assimilated to similarities between individual pairs of objects only.there the similarity endsBoth these artists work on a small scale but there the similarity ends.Yes, they had similar de Dion rear axle set-ups, but there the similarity ends.However, there the similarity ends.