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silverysil‧ver‧y /ˈsɪlvəri/ adjective 1 CCSHINYshiny and silver in colour her silvery hair the silvery light of the moon2 literaryCSSOUND a silvery voice or sound is light, pleasant, and musical Clara gave a small, silvery laugh.
Examples from the Corpus
silveryIt was tall and slender and silvery.Then from her robe she took another chip, silvery and translucent and twice the size of the others.In the distance now she could see a big silvery building.Small silvery fish darted through the shallow water of the creek.This is a silvery gray fish with five black bars, the first of which passes through the eye.Cornish said the guayule shrub, which has silvery green leaves, has long been viewed as a possible source of latex.The hills looked silvery in the moonlight.But one moonlit night, when the aging Oriental Fedallah is in the lookout, a silvery jet is seen far ahead.a silvery laughThe river birch trees spread their silvery shade over the slate walkways.Salmon have pink flesh and silvery skin.I am meeting Enya and the Ryans somewhere near her carefully guarded Killiney residence on a silvery wet and foggy autumn day.