Word family noun significanceinsignificance signification adjective significantinsignificant verb signify adverb significantlyinsignificantly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsignificancesig‧nif‧i‧cance /sɪɡˈnɪfɪkəns/ ●●○ noun [singular, uncountable] 1 IMPORTANTthe importance of an event, action etc, especially because of the effects or influence it will have in the future OPP insignificance Stella didn’t attach any significance to Doug’s query.significance of the significance of climate change The book assesses the significance of Stalin’s policies between 1927 and 1939.significance for The results of the study have a wider significance for all the profession.great/little significance (in/to/for something) The crime problem has great significance to the general public.grasp/appreciate the significance (of something) (=fully understand something) The press were slow to grasp the significance of what happened.2 MEANINGthe meaning of a word, sign, action etc, especially when this is not immediately clearsignificance of the significance of the words that refer to the bread Christ shares with his disciplesfull/real/true significance Only later did we realize the true significance of his remark.COLLOCATIONSadjectivesgreat/considerable significanceThe judge said the new evidence was of great significance.little significanceThis information on its own is of little significance.wider significanceThe research dealt with one small group, but their conclusions are of much wider significance.special significanceThis place has a special significance for Icelanders.political/social/historical etc significanceThe political significance of this change should not be underestimated.verbshave significanceA child's relationship to his parents has a lasting significance for his future relationships.attach significance to something (=give something importance)They say they don't attach much significance to opinion polls.take on a new/special etc significance (=start to have it)Sporting competitions took on a new political significance during the Cold War.acquire/assume significance formal (=take on significance)As links with Europe continue to grow, language learning assumes even greater significance.grasp/appreciate/understand the significance of somethingThe press was slow to grasp the significance of what had happened.assess the significance of something (=decide how important something is)It is often difficult to assess the significance of an event until more time has passed.
Examples from the Corpus
significanceThe killings have been dubbed the number 12 murders because of the number's apparent significance to the killer.I hope that the people of Northern Ireland will draw significance from that.Chaotic population dynamics has a surprising cross-level effect which has enormous significance for genetic structure and evolution.But the main significance of Chasidism was its reaction against the intellectualism of some rabbinical traditions.For our purposes, politics is associated with those aspects of life that have public significance.Nothing can be more exciting than the first time you receive red roses. They have special significance.Each separation contains symbolic significance, incorporating transitional stages of liminality.Freud explained the significance of some of the objects and situations in Anna's dream.Too frequently, managers forget the significance of a group as a source of power and influence on individuals.Unhappily, the significance of the Service is still largely unrecognized, if Congressional appropriations can be taken as evidence.grasp/appreciate the significance (of something)Burty grasped the significance of the photographic Nemesis.The reader will no doubt appreciate the significance of this statement.They sat down for a meal with the missionaries, fully appreciating the significance of their actions.This ensures that only those who fully appreciate the significance of the modules are included in the sanctioning procedure.If they are left unaware of impending judgment they will not appreciate the significance of salvation.In these days of piped water supply, it is difficult to appreciate the significance and importance of sources of pure water.One does not need to acquire hermeneutical skills to appreciate the significance and personal challenge presented by the great truths of salvation.To appreciate the significance of the lyrical origin of tragedy, we must first elucidate lyric poetry as such.full/real/true significanceBut there is a real significance in psychological attention to the year 2000 already apparent.This is an esoteric law which can explain much to those capable of noting its real significance.Although there is a difference, the distinction between the two may be philosophical, with no real significance for us.There is one artist in every generation whose work possesses real significance, he said.At this stage we were not aware of the full significance of the movement of the spoil to form the rampart.The full significance of these combinations is as yet uncertain.The true significance of Kirov's death doubtless eluded him.Their predecessors are still to be found, sometimes cheaply with those who do not know their true significance and worth.