signal box

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signal boxˈsignal box noun [countable] British English TTTa small building near a railway, from which the signals and tracks are controlled
Examples from the Corpus
signal boxBetween the years 1902-1902, there was actually a signal box situated well inside the Woodhead tunnel.There is a signal box at each end, East and West also the Breakdown Vans, ready when they are wanted.Terror gripped the two men as they ran as fast as they could away from the ghostly train towards Elsham signal box.With the modernisation of the railway system, Brooke End signal box was abandoned, its structure left to stand forlorn.Approaching the signal box he mounted the steps, the hand-rail creaking as he used it for support.He walked along Platform 2 and noticed smoke coming from the signal box.A class D9 No. 6028 departs southwards, seen from the signal box.A typical branch line country station complete with signal box has been created.