Word family noun sight insight oversight sighting adjective sighted unsightly sightless insightful verb sight
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sightsight1 /saɪt/ ●●● S2 W2 noun 1 ability to see [uncountable]SIGHT/ABILITY TO SEE the physical ability to see SYN vision Anne’s sight is very good for someone of her age. He began to lose his sight six years ago. an emergency operation to save his sight You will get a free sight test if you are under 16.2 act of seeing [singular, uncountable]SEE the act of seeing somethingsight of Just the sight of him made her go all the sight of something Marcie will faint at the sight of blood. The house is hidden from sight behind trees.3 thing you see [countable] a) SEEsomething you can seefamiliar/common/rare etc sight Street dentists are a common sight in Pakistan. As he reached the front door, he saw a strange sight. the sights and sounds of the forest not a pretty sight at pretty2(3), → sorry sight at sorry(8) b) the sights [plural]DLT famous or interesting places that tourists visit In the afternoon, you’ll have a chance to relax or see the sights.sight of So, Maria’s showing you the sights of Copenhagen, is she? sightseeing4 in/within sight5 within/in sight of something6 in your sights7 out of sight8 out of sight, out of mind9 disappear/vanish from sight10 come into sight11 on sight12 not let somebody out of your sight13 be sick of/can’t stand/hate the sight of somebody/something14 a sight for sore eyes15 a (damn/darned/darn) sight more/better etc16 be a sight17 sight unseen18 be a (beautiful/strange/frightening etc) sight to behold19 gun [countable usually plural]PMW the part of a gun or other weapon that guides your eye when you are aiming at something at first sight at first1(6), → know somebody by sight at know1(3), → lose sight of something at lose(1), → set your heart/mind/sights on (doing) something at set1(13)COLLOCATIONSadjectivesgood sightMany types of fish have good sight.poor sightHis sight was quite poor.failing sight (=becoming worse)He ran the business until failing sight forced him to retire.verbslose your sightAs the result of a severe illness, she lost her sight at the age of somebody’s sightSurgeons believe they can save her sight.somebody’s sight fails (=gets much worse)He was in his seventies when his sight began to fail.sight + NOUNa sight testIf your sight test shows that you need glasses, the optician will give you a prescription. THESAURUSsomething that you seesight something that you seeA herd of elephants is a magnificent sight.Even Charles cheered up at the sight of the food.view the area you can see from a window or place, especially when it is beautifulThe view from the top of the mountain is amazing. The hotel has great views of Lake Windermere.We had a good view of the firework display.panorama an impressive view of a very large area that stretches a long way across in front of youa panorama of snow-covered hills and mountainsvista written a view of a large area of beautiful scenery – used in written descriptionsThe road around the island offers some spectacular vistas.scene what you see in a place, especially where people are moving around and doing thingsReporters described the horrific scenes which followed the bombing.His pictures are mainly of local scenes.spectacle something that you see that is very unusual, surprising, or strangeIt must have been an unusual spectacle.I leaned over the balcony to get a look at the spectacle below.visuals [plural] pictures or parts of a film, video etc that people can see, as opposed to the parts you can hearGood visuals will help keep your audience’s attention.
Examples from the Corpus
sightNo further sightings of the fur seal were reported until the early 90s.We looked at the huge crowd gathering below us. 'It's quite a sight, isn't it?'It was a sight so awe-inspiring we could have stayed for hours.'Has Peter got any sight at all now?' 'Only partial sight, in one eye.'Stretch limousines are a common sight in Los Angeles.Homeless kids are now a familiar sight on London's streets.Home-Made Angels was inspired by the familiar sight of hot-air balloons in the skies above Bristol.When I met my husband, it was love at first sight.It was our first sight of land after 15 months at sea.the first sighting of Halley's CometSo even two-player matches are like watching two top pros playing, albeit without the glorious sight of their beer bellies!She lost her sight at the age of 12 following an illness.She recently underwent an operation to restore her sight.Nicole has suffered since birth from impaired sight as a result of cerebral palsy.We saw all the important sights on our first day in Chicago.There was no one else in sight.At times you can lose sight of a player you are controlling as part of the court turns out of your sight.Sunrise over the Himalayas is a magnificent sight.Through it all, Daley stayed out of sight.The superintendent issued orders to shoot looters and arsonists on sight.There are five senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch.Gavin looked a sorry sight -- his jaw was broken, and he had a black eye.It was a ludicrous but terrifying sight.But then how many laughs can there be in a man fainting at the sight of his child being born?Even Charles cheered up at the sight of the food.I can't stand the sight of blood.When he got home, he went to the kitchen looking for Puny and saw instead an unusual sight in his backyard.lose ... sightAn important distinction, but one a lawyer can lose sight of.What both groups had lost was sight of what it was all about.By now she had lost sight of the dress bag.We tapered off the work, and after some time I lost sight of her.However, to understand Innocent's reign we must not lose sight of the chancery and its activities.In our everyday consumption of bread we tend to forget or lose sight of the reality of what bread is.She lost sight in one eye.It is easy to lose sight of your vehicle in blowing snow and become lost.sight ofMartha couldn't bear the sight of children begging in the streets.
sightsight2 verb [transitive] SEEto see something from a long distance away, or see something you have been looking for The sailors gave a shout of joy when they sighted land. Several rare birds have been sighted in the area.see thesaurus at see→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
sightBlack cap, white throat and grasshopper warbler had been sighted.We sighted a fishing boat in the distance.The missing boys were sighted by a rescue helicopter.At least ten birds have been sighted feeding on the lake this year.One sighting had no bodies but it had sardines.A mountain lion was sighted in the local area last night.The following day, shortly after lunch, we sighted Koraloona on the horizon.When the haze cleared, the sailors sighted land straight ahead.In the wild, they can often be sighted migrating in bevies of a hundred or more birds.The sighting of the whale, Ahab cries, was meant for him, and then he is lowered to the deck.Each sighting results in the discovery of either a female axis or white-tailed deer.From base camp the summit was barely visible, so on sighting the route our surprise was all the greater.sighted landBut as the haze cleared, Anson sighted land right away, dead ahead.
From King Business Dictionarysightsight /saɪt/ noun1at sightBANKINGFINANCE words written on a BILL OF EXCHANGE or PROMISSORY NOTE to show that it must be paid as soon as it is shown to the ACCEPTORThe more usual situation is where payment is at sight, meaning when the paying bank has examined the documents and found them to be in order.2after sightBANKINGFINANCE words written on a BILL OF EXCHANGE or PROMISSORY NOTE to show how much later it will be paid after it has been given to the payer, usually 30,60, or 90 days later3payable at sightFINANCE a financial document that is payable at sight must be paid when it is received by the person who is responsible for paying it4payable after sightFINANCE a financial document that is payable after sight must be paid on a stated number of days after it is received by the person who is responsible for paying itOrigin sight1 Old English gesiht