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sidingsid‧ing /ˈsaɪdɪŋ/ noun 1 TTT[countable] a short railway track connected to a main track, where trains are kept when they are not being used2 [uncountable] American English long narrow pieces of wood, metal, or plastic, used for covering the outside walls of houses
Examples from the Corpus
sidingNot surprisingly, the building of branch lines and the provision of freight sidings never failed to create controversy.This is another area which is changing out of all recognition since closure of the colliery and removal of sidings etc.Auschwitz Central was no mere spur or siding.Will a new grant scheme be introduced to encourage the building of private sidings or intermodal terminals?These lamps are usually found lighting spots such as railway sidings and the inside of potato warehouses.Most railway sidings on the Nullarbor have lyrical aboriginal names.He started to kick the fence until it hurt, the tears running down his face, safely alone amongst the sidings.Free demonstration runs were provided from the siding at Gynn Square, and 200 met with general acclaim.